Dr Oz: How To Avoid Holiday Overeating


Dr Oz: Holiday Overeating

Audience member Tina joined Dr. Oz to talk about her overeating at a recent holiday meal. Dr. Oz had some simple tips to share. Using a video animation, he explained that when you take a bite, saliva mixes with your food. The tongue helps mobilize the mixture, which turns the starch to sugar as it travels through your esophagus to your stomach, where it hits the stomach acid and dissolves.

Dr Oz Holiday Meal


The stomach must secrete hormones that tell the brain you are full. Eating too quickly means your stomach may not have time to send the message to your brain. Dr. Oz suggests that you slow down by making three simple changes.

Eat extra vegetables between helpings

After getting your first plate of food, make your second plate a plate of vegetables.

Use a teaspoon for serving

It forces you to eat smaller portions. Studies show that people who eat with smaller spoons consume 15% less food.


Play mellow music

Music can help set an appropriate pace for your meal, because you will subconsciously eat at the rhythm of the music.

Dr Oz: Bloating & Gas Remedies

When you eat too quickly, undigested or partially digested food goes into your colon, Dr. Oz explained, again using video animations. That means lots of food particles, including fats, are attacked by bacteria, which sit on top of food particles and give off gas, causing bloating and gas.

Dr. Oz and Tina used a plastic tube to represent the esophagus and colored balloons to represent fat from the food we eat. When you eat fast, undigested food travels to the intestines. That’s where the bacteria attacks, causing bloating and gas.

Using the tube and colored balls again, Dr. Oz and Tina demonstrated what happens when you slow down, this time puncturing the balloons to represent digestion. When your food has a chance to be fully digested from saliva through your esophagus and stomach, you will not experience bloating and gas.

Dr. Oz’s final tip is to dance or move around for 15 minutes after your holiday meal.  It’s one more way to avoid bloating.


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