Dr Oz: How Following Your Gut Feeling Can Save Your Life


Dr Oz: Visions Of Pregnancy Complications Turn Into Reality

A woman shared her incredible story with Dr Oz, beginning by sharing that she was pregnant with her second child, and at her 20-week ultrasound, she was diagnosed with placenta previa, which means the placenta is growing on top of the cervix. The radiologist made it sound like, at that stage, it was relatively minor, but she was incredibly worried. She told her husband she had a bad feeling because she was o-negative, which means less than 7% of the population has her blood type.


When she got home from her appointment, she had her first “vision” of what was going to happen to her. She saw herself having Jacob, everything being fine with him, and then the doctors slicing her open while blood hemorrhaged out of her. She ultimately saw herself dead on the operating table and was convinced that she wasn’t going to make it past the deliver, but everyone thought she was crazy.

Dr Oz: How Following Your Gut Feeling Can Save Your Life

Dr Oz shared the incredible story of how one mom saved her own life by following her intuition. (tipstimesadmin / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Mother’s Intuition Saved Her Own Life

Every test she went into that she was having visions about, came back negative. Her doctor suggest she have a conversation with her anesthesiologist, and because she did, the anesthesiologist flagged her file and had extra blood in the operating room at the time of delivery. A week away from her scheduled C-section, she looked down at the floor and saw blood everywhere.

Stephanie was rushed to the hospital and as Stephanie made her way to the operating room, her body went ice cold and she told her doctor “there’s something wrong.” Right after delivery, she had seizure-like activity, and all-of-the-sudden flat-lined for 37 seconds.

Dr Oz: Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Stephanie ended up suffering an extremely rare pregnancy complication known as amniotic fluid embolism, which causes a series of events that leads to a horrific allergic reaction. She lost the ability to clot her blood and in order to keep her alive during the first 24 hours, Stephanie was transfused more than 60 blood clots. Because of Stephanie’s consultation, they had a crash cart and enough blood nearby, and the doctors believe that’s what saved her life.

Dr Oz: 37 Seconds

Dr Oz then welcomed Stephanie to the show. Stephanie explained that during those 37 seconds, she saw everything that happened in the operating room. She saw her doctor screaming “this can’t be happening” and saw her anesthesiologist at her feet yelling her name. She even saw that the first crash cart didn’t work but the second cart did. She saw a new nurse jump on her chest and do the compressions while someone hit the button to call the code that caused the trauma team to come in. Ultimately, she heard the flat line.

Stephanie explained that she “had nothing to lose but her life.” Stephanie is the author of “37 Seconds.”

Dr Oz: Intuition & Health Connection

Because of Stephanie, Dr Oz wanted to reveal what three gut feelings you should never ignore. Dr Kelly Turner, author of “Radical Remission,” explained that she studied radical remission survivors, which are people who heal from cancer against incredible odds. One of the nine things they have in common is following their intuition. She said research has shown that the gut acts as a second brain, so when someone has a gut-feeling, it’s a physical process happening in their body that’s here to alert us to danger.

Dr Oz: Iowa Cards Study

The first gut instinct you shouldn’t ignore is the trust instinct, and the feeling of whether or not you’re safe around someone. Second is sweaty palms. Your body will know there’s a problem before the brain does. The Iowa Cards Study involved hooking people up to sensors and telling them they could win money just by flipping over cards. The game was actually rigged, to where one deck would give you big wins followed by big losses, and the other deck would give you slow and steady wins. It took about 80 cards for the people to figure out what was dangerous and what was safe, but their bodies knew after just ten cards.

Finally, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it. Listen to that feeling, just like Stephanie did, because it could save your life. Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson asked for a second test after finding a lump in her breast, because of a bad feeling, and the second one ended up coming back positive.

Dr Oz: Muffin Tins For Quicker Weekday Meals

Before the end of his show, Dr Oz shared a quick tip to shave 30 minutes off your morning routine. All you need is a muffin tin, a freezer, and some ingredients. You can freeze oatmeal or egg and vegetable muffins inside a muffin tin, and just pop one out and thaw it to enjoy for breakfast. You can even freeze spaghetti in a muffin tin for a quick lunch.


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