Dr Oz: Hot Cocoa Creates Endorphins & Sleep App Dream:On Review


Dr Oz: Simple Steps To Solve Your Stress

Are you feeling stressed out? There are many things that can weigh us down, and it is not always easy to keep those feelings under control. Stress expert Neil Shah, author of The 10-Step Stress Solution, joined Dr Oz’s show to talk about the Stress Bridge and how to approach your life, along with tools such as the Dream:On app.

Dr Oz: What is a Stress Bridge?

The Stress Bridge represents all the things you have on your plate, from work and family to bills and weight. When you pile too much on, the Stress Bridge could collapse. If you don’t take action to change your circumstances or manage your stress, you could collapse as well.

Dr Oz: Stress Eating Cycle

Dr Oz: Hot Cocoa Creates Endorphins & Sleep App Dream:On Review

Are you stressed to your breaking point? Dr Oz and stress expert Neil Shah explained how Hot Cocoa creates endorphins and why to use the Dream:On app.


  1. Raymonde Russell says

    I’m not that technical what is a sleep app, where do you get it and does it have to work with something? Thanks.

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