Dr Oz Hidden Hotspot for Bacteria & Germs in the Bedroom & Living Room


Dr Oz: Germ Hot Spots in the Bedroom and Living Room

Dr. Oz knows not all germs are bad for you but there are quite a few that could be making you sick. He looked at the kitchen and the bathroom to find the secret hiding spots germs love to hide in that your never even knew about. He showed how some germs could be hiding in the gasket under the blender’s blade and he revealed the unsafe number of germs on a few toothbrushes from the audience.

Dr Oz Hidden Hotspot for Bacteria & Germs in the Bedroom & Living Room

Dr. Oz looked at some of the hidden hotspots in the living room and bedroom where germs and bacteria like to hangout.


Now, Dr. Oz is changing rooms and heading to the living room and bedroom to show everyone the unusual hot spots germs love to hide in.

Where is the Most Bacteria Found in the Bedroom?

While your not think so, there are plenty of germ hotspots in your living room and bedroom. No matter how much of a clean freak you are, there are going to be germs all over your house if you don’t know the places that need to be cleaned the most often.

Dr. Oz invited two teams from the audience to participate in a germ quiz and find out just how much they know about the germs lurking around their living room.


What areas are germs found in the largest quantity? – The pillows, the hamper, the sheets, the books, the doorknob, the lamp, shoes and the duvet.

  • Dr. Oz suggested changing your pillow covers every two years and to put a cover on them to avoid any extra bacterial growth.

Where are germs found in the largest quantity in the living room? – The vacuum  pet toys, the keyboard, the remote control, the photo album, the blinds and in any bad light switches.

For their participation each team received a tote bag filled with cleaning supplies. I’m thinking they might run through everything in the bg pretty quickly after seeing this episode of Dr. Oz.


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