Dr Oz: Hidden Camera Experiment + What Would You Do?


Dr Oz: Hidden Camera Social Experiment

Dr Oz kicked off the month of October by asking his viewers the question “what would you do?” He started with a hidden camera experiment, explaining that the scenario involved a mother scolding her daughter for what she was eating, in public, humiliating her. A diner was was rigged with hidden camera and microphones, and Joey Salads, a man who has experience conducting stages social siuations of his own. They also used actors to portray the mother and daughter.


Dr Oz: What Would You Do?

Dr Oz: Hidden Camera Experiment + Mom Scolding Daughter

Dr Oz conducted a hidden camera experiment to find out how people react in tense situations. (bigtallguy / Flickr)

Joey observed the reactions of other diners, who had no idea they were being watched. The daughter said she wanted to order pancakes, to which the mom responded “don’t you know what pancakes are? Sugar!” She then proceeds to ask her daughter if she wants to fit in, while continuing to scold her. When the mom stepped away from the table, many guests made comments sharing how bad they felt for the little girl.


Dr Oz: Would You Intervene?

One mother and daughter pair who took notice of what was going on to the little girl, decided to intervene. They wrote a note, but instead of giving the note to the girl, the woman stands up and tells the little girl “I just want you to know God made you beautiful and perfect, alright?”

Joey explained to patrons of the restaurant that they were on hidden camera and they shared that they felt awkward and were upset by what was being said, but didn’t think it was their place to step in.

Dr Oz: Social Experiment

That mother and daughter duo, Carrie and Paige, joined the show. She said a few words can change your life forever, and she wanted that girl to grow up and love herself. She said she wanted to say something to the mom, but being in public and not knowing her, caused her to think twice. She said she didn’t want the woman to retaliate and potentially cause a scene. Paige said she felt for that little girl because whenever she lacked confidence, she had her mom there to lift her back up.

Joey Salads explained that he likes to go out in public and see how people react to certain situations. It tells a lot about who we are as a society. Dr Oz then wanted to bring out the actress who played the mom, Michelle. Michelle explained that she’s a mom to a 2-year-old and knows that words can hurt. She also just wanted to make sure that the young girl knew it was fake so she wouldn’t actually hurt her.

Dr Oz: Does A Mom Have The Right To Scold Her Child For Health Issues?

Dr Oz asked his audience if they thought a mom had the right to reprimand their children for health issues. One woman said you need to correct the lifestyle in your own home, by showing rather than telling.

What would you have done in that situation? Would you have confronted the mom, the daughter, or just left them both alone?

Dr Oz: Would You Break Your Diet?

Dr Oz then conducted another hidden camera experiment wondering if you could survive peer pressure when you’re out to eat with friends and you’re on a diet, but your friend is not. He enlisted Gregmia to push unhealthy food on her unsuspecting friend Gail, who just came from the doctor who put her on a diet. Gail said she was on a diet and was doing well, so she ordered a salad. Gregmia ordered chicken fingers, onion rings, a burger, and fries, saying the chicken fingers were the appetizer and Gail had to help her eat them. Gail never gave in!

Gregmia shared that it actually got to the point that she felt bad about what was on her plate because of how adamant Gail was.

Dr Oz: Giving Into Friends’ Peer Pressure

Next, Dr Oz shared what happened when Peggy was pressured to eat by her friend Lisa. Lisa started with water but then when milkshakes came to the table, she had one of them. She even ate off her friend’s quesadilla after ordering a salad for herself. She even ate the bacon that her friend purposefully put on her salad.

Lisa shared that 99% of the time she was healthy, but at that time she felt like she would be rude if she refused. She said a lot of people probably experience that same problem. Dr Oz explained that if you eat in groups of six or more, you’ll eat 75% larger portions than when you eat alone.

Would you have given in to your friends and broke your diet?


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