Dr Oz: Hidden Allergy Symptoms & Acupuncture Treats Allergy Symptoms


Dr Oz: Common Spring Allergies

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Clifford Bassett shared some of the different ways you can make it through the allergy epidemic this year and they shared the different types of common allergies most people will be suffering from this spring and summer.

Dr Oz: Allergy Symptoms vs Cold Symptoms

Dr. Oz told his audience even if you have never had allergies in your life, you could still be suffering from them and not even know it. Adult onset allergies have doubled the past 30 years and now nearly half of all Americans suffer from allergies. Check out the common places Dr. Bassett said allergies could be hiding:


Symptoms similar to the common cold – The symptoms for the cold and allergies are similar. They include nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and fatigue. Itchy and watery eyes are a sign you could be suffering from allergies and not a cold.

Your family tree – If either one or both of your parents suffer from allergies, you are more than likely going to suffer too. Allergies are part genetics and part environment.

Food – Dr. Bassett called this oral allergy syndrome. When you eat certain foods your body will literally think you swallowed pollen. Dr. Bassett said the best way to eat foods that may be giving you allergies is by peeling the food if it is a fruit and washing other foods if you can. He warned that up to six percent of people with oral allergies will develop full blown food allergies. He said if your oral allergy syndrome gets worse and worse, you should call an allergist and set up an appointment.


Dr Oz: Hidden Allergy Symptoms & Acupuncture Treats Allergy Symptoms

Dr. Oz went over the hidden allergy symptoms that could be keeping you stuffed up and he revealed how acupuncture is an effective way to treat allergy symptoms.

Your face – Look for puffiness under the eyes as a sign of allergies.

Dennie’s lines – An extra crease under the eye

Nasal crease – Constantly rubbing the top of your nose because it itches.

Dr Oz: Acupuncture Relieves Allergies

Dr. Oz said there are natural ways to treat allergies if you do not want to use any medications. Janet Tsai, an acupuncturist, told Dr. Oz new research has shown acupuncture to be an effective treatment for allergies. She even demonstrated on an audience member, inserting needles around her face. She said this will help the woman harmonize her immune system and lower her stress. Sessions last about 20 minutes and the patient only needs to go back every eight weeks.

Dr Oz: Use Acupressure To Treat Allergy Symptoms

Since acupuncture can be a little expensive for some folks, Dr. Oz asked Janet Tsai to demonstrate another way to treat allergy symptoms that is free. She said you can use pressure points to relieve allergies as well. Find the pressure points on your body and use your hand to massage those areas for five minutes.

Dr Oz: Rebus Puzzles Brain Teasers

Dr. Oz challenged two audience members to figure out solutions to rebus puzzles by guessing the word that is represented by photos. He said he wanted to demonstrate how great the puzzles are for giving the brain a good workout.


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