Dr Oz: Heavy Handbags Are Bad For Your Health


Dr Oz: Heavy Purses Are Bad For You

Dr Oz had each audience member with a handbag weigh in before entering the studio. Know what the total weight came to? 403 pounds, which is equal to the size of a gorilla. For this segment, Doctor Oz called down Pauline and Kimmy, whose purses took the heavyweight prize, coming it at a whopping 10 and 13 pounds respectively.

Kimmy, an audience member, had a huge bag that weighed in at 10 pounds, which is equivalent to 2 big sacks of potatoes. Dr Oz Heavy Handbags To be sure, Dr Oz weighed it again, and yup, it was definitely 10 lbs. (Did you check out that nice Louis Vuitton Pauline had?) Dr Oz opened up Pauline’s bag and found that she carried around kids’ toys, water bottles, novels she read during her kid’s soccer practice and hairspray. (And she carried this stuff around every day, too!)


Are Heavy Purses Bad For You?

Dr Oz says when you carry this heavy load on your shoulder, you end up hunching over. This ends up causing neck pain and headaches. (If the pain is on one side, it’s normally because of the purse.) The issue is the weight of the straps. Rounded straps bore down into your shoulder, causing pain. Dr Oz suggested choosing a wide, flat strap that is padded. Pauline tried it and it was much better, so much so that Dr Oz gave her the new bag. (Didn’t compare to the Louis Vuitton, but it was nice.)

Pauline, an audience member, had beat the world record with her 13 lb purse. They went through the purse and found shoes, a wallet, electronics and back up for the electronics. (Back up? She stayed prepared, didn’t she?) Doctor Oz made Pauline show him how she held her bag. (She held it in her hand or in the crook of her arm)

Dr Oz stated that the way she held her bag stooped her over. He suggested getting a long, broad strap that she could use as a cross body bag.


FYI- Your purse should be 3-5 lbs. How much does yours weigh?


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