Dr Oz: Heart Disease Symptoms: #1 Killer of Women


Dr Oz: Heart Disease

You know Dr Oz as a TV personality, but he’s also a practicing doctor, and when your heart stops, your life may be in his hands. Though it’s often thought of as a men’s disease, Dr Oz said 25% of his heart disease patients are women, and Heart Disease is fast becoming the #1 killer of women. He shared the Heart Disease Symptoms & Warning Signs your loved ones need to know in an emergency.

Dr Oz: Triple Bypass Surgery

Dr Oz: Heart Disease Symptoms

Dr Oz shared common Heart Disease Symptoms of the #1 killer among women.


But first, Dr Oz took cameras inside his operating room for a triple bypass surgery. The patient was a 63-year-old mother of four, and she had missed all the warning signs that could’ve tipped her off about her Heart Disease.

During the procedure, Dr Oz took healthy veins from the woman’s leg and used them to correct the damage to her heart. A bypass procedure requires actually stopping the heart, which caused a dramatic flatline for the cameras. The goal of this operation is to improve blood flow and get the heart working normally again.

After a few misfires, the patient’s heart was successfully restarted. Dr Oz was hesitant to call the operation successful until the patient woke up.


Dr Oz: Heart Disease Symptoms

Back in the studio, Dr Oz shared five Heart Disease Symptoms he wanted every woman to know.

  • Neck/Shoulder/Jaw Pain
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme/Unusual Fatigue

Five women from the audience joined him to talk about their experiences with these symptoms. Four of them were in their 40s, while one woman was just in her 20s.

Jennifer said she had pain in her jaw, neck, and shoulder. She recalled a day when she took multivitamins and had the feeling that a pill was stuck in her throat. But the pain continued through her chest, arms, and back.

Since she has had CPR training for her job, she wondered if she was having a Heart Attack. Her husband, an FDNY fire officer, made her go to the hospital, which saved her life.

Dr Oz said that the difference with this type of pain vs regular neck pain is that you can pinpoint the source.

Sarah complained about Indigestion and Nausea. She had tests done at her Cardiologist’s office and found she had an Aneurism in her Aorta. Dr Oz revealed that Heart Disease patients are often found with antacids in their stomach, because they believe they are suffering from indigestion when symptoms come on.

Dr Oz: Indigestion Vs Heart Attack

How do you tell the difference? If the pain is above your Breastbone, or it doesn’t respond to Antacids, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Dr Oz met Jen, who said she suffered from shortness of breath, even during routine activities. There is a simple way you can test yourself. Can you walk and talk comfortably? If not, you may have a weak heart.

Kim complained about feeling lightheaded and dizzy. She said that she had shortness of breath in the past as well, but had ignored it. She said she also observed that her heartbeat was erratic and racing, which landed her in the emergency room. She is actually a real life patient of Dr Oz.

Heart Attack Warning Signs

Do you know what to look for to determine whether you’re having a Heart Attack? If you have shortness of breath, along with symptoms like Chest Pain, you may want to call 911 to get checked out.

Michelle said she suffered from unexplained Fatigue. Dr Oz noted that a huge 70% of women with heart problems report experiencing Fatigue in the days leading up to a Heart Attack. At age 27, Michelle is in school studying Cardiac Ultrasound technology. When she paired with another student on a routine test for an assignment, the results were shocking.

In fact, Michelle learned through her homework that she would need open heart surgery. Now she wears a necklace to hide the scar. But Dr Oz said she shouldn’t be embarrassed about her scar. He said it’s the reason she is alive today.

Shortness of Breath Test: Dr Oz

Just pay attention to your breathing and note any changes that happen as you walk around doing routine chores. Report any abnormal symptoms to your doctor, and don’t be afraid to speak up or take action if you think it’s an emergency.

Dr Oz performed a heart test for Michelle on stage and showed her results. The good news is that her heart is now healthy and working well.


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