Dr Oz Heart Disease: C-Reactive Protein Test & CRP Test Score Results


Dr Oz: CRP Test Heart Disease

Dr Oz shared the Heart Disease Symptoms you need to know, since this is the #1 killer of women. He also highlighted a promising new test that can help patients learn their risks for the condition: the C-Reactive Protein Test.

Dr Oz: Plaque In Arteries

Dr Oz Heart Disease: CRP Test

Dr Oz had his audience take the C-Reactive Protein Test, or CRP Test, to evaluate their heart disease risk.


The CRP Test is an easy way to measure your heart health with just the prick of your finger. Dr Oz actually had his entire audience try this out. But first, he explained using an animation how Plaque builds up in our arteries.

Over time and with aging, these arteries can either rupture or become irritated. The body will naturally try to repair these internal open wounds, forming scabs over them to stop blood flow.

He invited audience member Robin up to learn how this happens. Dr Oz and Robin looked at three large model arteries, and poured fake blood through them. The first artery was healthy and clear.


The second artery had plaque in it, but the blood still flowed through pretty well. The final artery had inflamed plaque, and blood got stuck in this one. That is what Dr Oz is worried will happen to patients who don’t know they are at risk for Heart Disease.

C-Reactive Protein Test Results

Dr Oz distributed test results to the audience. These envelopes contained their scores for the CRP Tests performed earlier.

There are three levels of risk in CRP Test Scores:

  • Less than 1: Low risk
  • 1-3: Average
  • 3+: High risk

People with high risk scores have three times the risk of developing Heart Disease, and they’re four times more likely to die from it.

Dr Oz: CRP Testing & Risk Management

Dr Oz shared his own results, which had a score of 0.3, putting him in the low risk category. Robin shared her score, which was a 4.54. She was shocked by the news, but Dr Oz explained that you can control the number and bring it down.

He also said that one in four patients will have an elevated score. In fact, 42% of his audience tested with high scores, but lowering your risk factors can bring your number down. Ask your doctor about the CRP test so you can find out where you stand.


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