Dr Oz Health Gadgets: SleepPhones Review & Walgreen’s Balance Rewards


Dr Oz: Health Gadgets To Cure Headaches

Dr. Oz had some of the best tips for getting the lowest prices on the medications you take. Keep reading to find out which health gadgets will actually cure a headache, help you sleep better and his advice might even help you teach the boys in your house to put down the toilet seat.

Dr Oz: Eye and Temple Massager Review

Mario Armstrong, a technology and gadget expert, said you do not have to search hard for the latest and greatest health gadgets on the market. Most of the gadgets can be found in your local drugstore. Check out some of Armstrong’s favorite health gadgets listed below.


Dr Oz Health Gadgets: SleepPhones Review & Walgreen's Balance Rewards

Dr. Oz looked at some of the best health gadgets on the market, ways to save money on medications and talked about Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program.

  • Zadro Health Solutions Eye & Temple Massager – This device can relieve stress and tension headaches without any type of medication. Armstrong said the device is kind of pricey, around $100, but he insists it will pay for itself in no time.
  • Fenugreen’s Fresh Paper – This piece of paper should keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The paper works well because it contains herbs and spices that slow the growth of fungus.
  • SleepPhones – These fleece, lightweight headbands with built-in headphones can be connected to an MP3 device if you are the type of person who likes sleeping with music on. Cost is around $40.
  • Tip Alert Toilet Seat Alarm – This alarm attaches to the underside of your toilet seat and acts as a reminder for the boys in your family to put the seat down. It even lets out a cheering noise when the seat it finally set down. Cost is around $10.

Dr Oz: Sign Up For Drug Manufacturer Cards To Save Money

Stacia Woodcock, a Walgreen’s Pharmacist, said too many people are paying too much money for medications. All it takes to get a discount is a willingness to ask. She said too many people skip doses or do not take their medication because it is too expensive, meaning it is important to talk with your pharmacist about what type of options you have to save some money.

Check out some of Woodcock’s advice for saving money below:

  • Ask For a Preferred Drug – Woodcock said every insurance company has a list of preferred drugs. By asking for the preferred drug you can lower your co-pay. This can save up to $75.
  • Buy Medications In Bulk – Woodcock suggested asking for the 90 day supply when picking up a prescription to save a little by buying in bulk.
  • Sign Up For a Drug Manufacturer Discount Card – Woodcock said these cards are designed to get you a lower price on brand-name drugs.
  • Go Generic – Woodcock said it is almost always better to go with generic medication because it is cheaper and just as effective. She did suggest talking with your doctor to be sure a generic drug is right for you.

Dr Oz: Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program Review

Stacia Woodcock had a bonus tip for anyone who has not heard of the Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program. The program works by allowing you to build up points for the things you purchase at Walgreen’s. For every 5,000 points you rack up, you can get $5 off any purchase. What sets the program apart from other similar programs is the fact that you can get points just for being healthy.

  • Earn 20 points for every mile you walk or run, up to 1,000 points per month.
  • Earn 20 points every time you log your weight, which you can do once per day.


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