Dr Oz Headaches: Yoga, Ginger & Hibiscus Tea Remedies


Dr Oz: Headache Remedies

Dr Oz talked about Pain Solutions on his show, and the #1 complaint among Dr Oz viewers is Headaches. About 9 in 10 people will complain about headaches at some point, but according to the show, you don’t have to turn to your medicine cabinet to find relief. Find out how Dr Oz Headaches remedies like Yoga, Hibiscus Tea, and Ginger can help, and how they work best at different times of day.

Dr Oz Headaches: Natural Remedies

Are you tired of headaches giving you fits? Put down the pill bottle and try out these Dr Oz Headaches Remedies.


Audience member Michelle said she gets headaches about twice a week, implicating her husband, who I’m sure was thrilled to be called out on national TV. Michelle typically reached for Ibuprofen for her headache symptoms, but Dr Oz was trying to break our pill habits, so he shared some natural remedies for Michelle to try out the next time symptoms strike.

By taking proactive steps throughout the day, you will hopefully prevent headaches before they start. But either way, at least you’ll know how to respond to your symptoms without relying on drugs to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause.

Dr Oz Headaches: Yoga Remedy

In the morning, you can prevent headaches as soon as you wake up by stretching. While still in bed, try raising your knees to touch your nose and stretch as far as you can.


When you’re done with that, roll on your stomach and do the upward dog yoga position as a stretch. This works your core and stretches out the lower back.

Dr Oz Headaches: Ginger Remedy

Midday headaches can catch up with you as the stress of the day overwhelms you. Try adding spices to your lunch, like Ground Ginger. This works to lower your stress levels and also reduce inflammation throughout the body. Other recommended options include Turmeric and Red Pepper Flakes, so you can literally make variety the spice of your headache remedies.

Dr Oz Headaches: Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea is a great relaxation tea in the evening that can help prevent or treat your headaches. Dr Oz said it’s great that Michelle likes to enjoy her tea with lemon, and he suggested adding a cup of Hibiscus Tea to your evening regimen.


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