Dr Oz Handwriting Analysis; Grapotherapy & What Handwriting Means


Dr Oz: Handwriting & Health

Do you remember learning penmanship in school? Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be a popular subject anymore, especially as everything is moving online. But your handwriting actually contains messages beyond whatever you’re writing down. It can be used to solve crimes, and today Dr. Oz revealed that it can even tell you about your health.

Kathi McKnight is a handwriting expert who appeared on the show to give Dr Oz some insight on the connection between handwriting and health. There are two particular phrases that, when evaluated, can give insight into your health.


Dr Oz: Grapotherapy

Could your handwriting hold the key to your health? The study of Grapotherapy says it does.

Dr Oz’s Handwriting Test Results

For Dr Oz’s handwriting test, Kathi had him write a lowercase letter f. She said the top of the letter f can reveal whether you’ve suffered head trauma such as a concussion. The middle of the letter could give away whether you’re pregnant, and the bottom of the f can suggest whether you have ankle or foot problems.

It does seem farfetched, but other practices such as Acupuncture seem to apply similar principles that various parts of the body are connected.


Dr Oz: Handwriting Analysis Test

The studio audience wrote down two phrases in lowercase letters: “She sells seashells” and “The tide is wide.” Kathi said she could make as many as 5,000 determinations about people’s health based on their penmanship of these phrases, and she added that you can change your writing habits to improve your health.

Dr Oz: Grapotherapy Analysis

This practice is known as Grapotherapy, and Kathi explored what the test phrases can say about you and your health. If you leave the letter s open, it suggests that you are too eager to please others, and you are giving your power away to them. This is when Kathi started to lose me.

For the record, Dr. Oz left his s open, which I guess means that he wants our acceptance. I guess this only works on cursive handwriting, which means that this practice is going to be doomed by future generations who don’t write things out.

Kathi said you can actually reverse engineer this and other problems by changing the way you write.

Dr Oz: Handwriting and Depression

Kathi’s second phrase, “The tide is wide,” can reveal clues about depression, especially in the loops of the letters t and d. Leaving the t open means you are very sensitive about criticism. An open d suggests we’re not taking care of ourselves.

Dr. Oz’s handwriting had wide Es, indicating that he is open minded. Kathi said that changing the way you write your letters can actually affect and improve your mood by changing your brain’s neurotransmitters.

Dr Oz said that the insights of Grapotherapy were different than what he learned in medical school about handwriting. But he agreed that it can’t hurt to be mindful of your handwriting. What do you think about Grapotherapy?


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