Dr Oz: Hack Body With Power Breathing + Burst Of Strength Workout


Dr Oz: Power Breathing For Anxiety & Nervous System

Scott Carney, the author of “What Doesn’t Kill Us” knows all about how to hack your body to boost your immune system, burn more calories, and lose weight. According to Scott, there’s a tactic we can all do at home to help deal with anxiety and take control of our nervous system.

It’s called power breathing and it can seem a bit extreme. It’s a two part method: the first is the cold and suppressing the shiver response, while the second is hyperventilating or deep, controlled, rapid breaths. You want to feel a little dizzy and tingly, as you breathe in and out quickly three times, then let all the air out of your lungs and hold your breath. You’re letting carbon dioxide out of your system while increasing your blood oxygen count to its maximum potential. You typically do about three reps where you hyperventilate then hold your breath. The goal is to engage your sympathetic nervous system.



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