Dr Oz: H. Pylori Causes Stomach Ulcers & Kefir Milk Ulcer Remedy


Dr Oz: Could You Have an Ulcer?

When is the last time you had a severe stomachache that made your upper abdomen feel like it was on fire? You might actually have an Ulcer if you have persistent stomachaches without a known cause.

Dr Oz: Stomachache Vs Ulcer

Dr Oz’s Assistant of the Day said that her stomach was burning at this very moment. She said she has pains like this a few times each week. Sometimes she can feel it under the ribcage, as well as the upper body. Could she actually have an Ulcer?


Dr Oz: H. Pylori Causes Stomach Ulcers & Kefir Milk Ulcer Remedy

Dr Oz explained that a chronic stomachache could actually be an Ulcer, caused by H. Pylori bacteria eating through the stomach. Kefir Milk is a remedy.

He showed a picture of a Perforated Ulcer, which was gross. He also showed her a real human stomach, pointing out black marks that were Ulcers. What causes Ulcers?

Dr Oz: H. Pylori Causes Stomach Ulcers

Megan said she suspected that stress and anxiety could cause Ulcers. But the truth is that Ulcers are caused by H. Pylori bacteria. The assistant said she loves salty foods. But salty foods are behind this H. Pylori bacteria.


Mucus is supposed to coat the stomach, which would prevent acid from burning through the stomach. But H. Pylori can scrape off the stomach lining, creating holes in the lining. When stomach acid is created in this scenario, it can create holes in your stomach, which are very painful.

This can create open holes in the stomach, where what leaks through can baste the body’s other organs in dangerous stomach acid.

Dr Oz: Endoscopy for Ulcers

What can you do to prevent Ulcers? A doctor can perform an Endoscopy to look for stomach ulcers and H. Pylori. But stomach ulcers can be treated with antibiotics.

Dr Oz: Kefir Milk Ulcer Remedy

Kefir Milk is raw, fermented milk that is high in probiotics. Doctor Oz suggested trying it out the next time you see it at the grocery store. It will balance the bacteria in your gut. Drink one cup per day, with a meal, Dr Oz advised. Megan compared the taste to yogurt, and Dr Oz suggested adding cocoa powder if you need to temper the flavor.

For the lactose intolerant, Kefir Milk can be a good solution, because its natural enzymes help you to digest it.


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