Dr Oz: Guidelines to Avoid Mercury Poisoning & Get Fillings Removed


Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning

Did you ever think you could get sick from the silver fillings in your mouth? Dr. Oz showed audience members how something as simple as brushing your teeth can lead to mercury vapors getting into your body. He also went over the symptoms for mercury poisoning so everyone knew what to look for.

Dr Oz: Woman With 15 Silver Fillings Gets Mercury Poisoning

Dr. Oz introduced his audience to a woman who thought she was suffering from mercury poisoning because of the 15 amalgam fillings she has had in her mouth since she was a little girl. She told Dr. Oz she experienced tremors, memory loss and a urine test showed she had high levels of mercury in her system. She immediately had the fillings removed and her symptoms disappeared.


Dr Oz: Guidelines to Avoid Mercury Poisoning & Get Fillings Removed

Dr. Oz went over his guidelines for avoiding mercury poisoning, his guidelines for getting fillings removed and products to help avoid mercury exposure.

Dr Oz: Guidelines For Having Amalgam Fillings Removed

Dr. Jonathan Levine said before you rush to get all the silver fillings in your mouth removed, you need to talk with your dentist. He said if there is decay or a structural problem under the silver filling, you will need to get it replaced and you can ask for an alternative to an amalgam filling. Dr. Gerald Curtola cautioned the audience about the removal of the filling as well. He said you will be exposed to mercury during the removal.

Below is a list of guidelines to help you decide if having your amalgam fillings removed is the right answer for you. Dr. Curtola pointed out that all the factors below will increase your chance of mercury poisoning until the fillings are removed.

  • You have eight or more fillings
  • You grind your teeth
  • You eat acidic foods regularly
  • You drink soda regularly
  • Your fillings show signs of erosion or decay

Dr Oz: Porcelain Fillings vs Silver Fillings

Dr. Jonathan Levine suggested everyone ask for composite materials to be used in their next filling because it is a safer alternative to silver fillings. He said they also work better because they bind to the tooth and make it stronger unlike the silver fillings which actually put stress on the tooth.

Another safer alternative to silver fillings are porcelain fillings. A porcelain fillings pulls the tooth together rather than pushing it apart like a silver filling.

Although both of these options are more expensive, Dr. Levine thought they were a better choice for your health.

Dr Oz: Chlorella Supplement Eliminates Mercury

Dr. Oz and Dr. Gerald Curatola both had some tips to help you reduce your risk for mercury exposure from the silver fillings in your teeth.

Avoid Acidic Foods – Do not eat foods like tomatoes, grapefruit, vinegars and coffee. Using a straw to sip a drink will also reduce your mercury exposure from silver fillings.

Eat Garlic & Cilantro – Dr. Curatola said garlic helps eliminate mercury through the kidneys. You can also use cilantro to purify your body because it binds to heavy metals and reduces their toxicity.

Take a Chlorella Supplement – Dr. Curatola said chlorella supplements will eliminate mercury in your intestines.


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