Dr Oz Gross Habits: Is Eating Raw Meat Bad For You?


Dr Oz: Gross Health Habits

Everyone has that family member they are less than proud of. Today, Dr Oz helped families confront their loved ones, who have disgusting habits. They are going to learn the medical science behind these icky behaviors and find out whether they are actually hazardous to your health. First, people on the street tattled to Doctor Oz about their loved ones’ gross habits, including burping and picking navel lint.

Doctor Oz: Is It OK To Pick Your Nose?

Dr Oz: Nose Picking

Is it OK to pick your nose? Dr Oz addressed this and other gross health habits.


Geri busted her adult son for picking his nose. Dr Oz ambushed the son and dragged him into the studio so his mother could embarrass him on national TV. Geri thinks this is a gross habit, but that didn’t stop her from asking what’s up there and how to stop this habit.

Dr Oz said that 91% of people admit to picking their noses. If 91% of people admit it, that means at least some of the remaining 9% of people are probably lying to save face. For practical purposes, let’s assume everyone picks their nose at some point, even Dr Oz.

To lighten the mood, Dr Oz had an enormous nose on the stage, and he fished some green material from its nostril. Then he licked it; but relax, this is TV snot, so it’s probably safe. Somehow we’ve gotten from “my son picks his nose” to “is it OK to eat things you find in your nose?”


Dr Oz: Is It OK To Pick Your Nose and Eat It?

Even more surprising, it’s not bad for you to eat your nose pickings, though it’s unlikely to win you many friends. Dr Oz said that nasal mucus is always draining into our mouths, so we’re doing it all the time anyway. It’s good for the immune system and actually helps the body defeat viruses before they become infections.

However, if you’re picking your nose until it bleeds, that is a medical issue. Nasal mucus is there for your protection, and when the mucus is all cleared out, the nose bleeds. That’s the best reason not to pick your nose.

Dr Oz: Eating Raw Meat

Sylvia tattled on her sister-in-law, Margaret, so you know the next family dinner is going to be tense. Dr Oz actually showed up at Margaret’s house to learn about her gross habit of eating raw meat out of the package. Margaret boasted that she’s never had food poisoning in all her years of doing this.

Dr Oz said the body is designed to protect you when you eat things that are unsanitary, such as raw meat. Raw meat can contain E. Coli, which the stomach will reject by expelling it as diarrhea or vomit.

His recommendation was that Margaret switch to Steak Tartare instead of continuing to eat raw meat. In Steak Tartare, bacteria is found on the outside of the meat instead of all throughout the meat. The cooking process ensures that most of it is steamed out as well. Dr Oz said you should never be eating raw beef at home.

Doctor Oz: Butt Itching Habit

Dr Oz’s next victim was a poor, innocent man in the audience, Alex, whose wife reported him to the show for scratching his butt in bed. I can’t decide which of these two should be more embarrassed about addressing this on national TV.

As for the medical angle, Dr Oz said that itching means something is wrong. He used a giant rectum (it must belong to the nose from earlier) to demonstrate normal bowel function. Stool works its way through the bowels, then wiggles its way out of your body.

If your stool is more ridged or you’re straining to use the bathroom, you are actually damaging the bowels internally. This is likely a sign of Hemorrhoids.

Dr Oz: How To Treat Hemorrhoids

There are many easy treatment options for Hemorrhoids. Eating a high fiber diet helps promote softer stool. Over the counter Hydrocortisone creams can reduce itching. Dr Oz also suggested using wet wipes instead of dry toilet paper, which can irritate the skin.


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