Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids: Natural HGH Supplement Booster

Dr Oz: HGH Amino Acids

Dr Oz focused an episode on how to get more energy, including Papaya Juice & Zinc boosters. He also explained how the body naturally makes HGH, the human growth hormone. Amino acids are a key component of its production, and they’re a way you can get back to more youthful energy levels. Find out how the Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids can help you get 6x the energy from HGH.

Can you imagine having 600% more energy than you do right now? Do you remember ever having that much energy at any point in your life? I feel like I got a lot more done when I was in high school, before I was paying my own bills and all that. But I don’t think I was 600% more. (Maybe when I was a baby, I was growing that fast? Where did Dr Oz get this number?)

Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids: Natural HGH Supplement Booster

The Dr Oz GOAL amino acids list the four key amino acids you need to look for in a supplement to boost your natural Human Growth Hormone levels for energy.

Doctor Oz: Human Growth Hormone Amino Acids

To get more essential Amino Acids in your body and naturally spike your HGH levels, Dr Oz said you can each more protein, which is a natural source of amino acids. Foods like fish, meat, beans, and soy are all rich in amino acids. But to truly ramp up your levels, you will likely need to find a supplement solutions.

Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids

Dr Oz used the acronym GOAL to help define the four essential amino acids he said consumers should look for in a supplement. Here are the four amino acids and what each of them provides.

  • Glycine
  • Ornithine
  • Arginine
  • Lysine

Dr Oz: Glycine Amino Acid

Glycine builds strong muscles and helps the body store energy. It also helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Doctor Oz: Ornithine Amino Acid

Ornithine is another natural energy booster within the body. Getting energy from the inside out seems to be a key strategy in Dr Oz’s energy recommendations.

Dr Oz: Arginine Amino Acid

Arginine manages your blood pressure and makes the work of the heart easier. It is also believed to metabolize fat more efficiently.

Doctor Oz: Lysine Amino Acid

Dr Oz said that Lysine helps the body convert fat in foods for energy usage.

The key to getting a 6x boost in your HGH levels is to find an Amino Acid supplement containing all four of these ingredients, Dr Oz said. Check a health food store and take this list with you, so you know what to ask about. You will be on your way to boosting human growth hormone levels naturally.

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