Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids: Natural HGH Supplement Booster


Dr Oz: HGH Amino Acids

Dr Oz focused an episode on how to get more energy, including Papaya Juice & Zinc boosters. He also explained how the body naturally makes HGH, the human growth hormone. Amino acids are a key component of its production, and they’re a way you can get back to more youthful energy levels. Find out how the Dr Oz GOAL Amino Acids can help you get 6x the energy from HGH.



  1. says

    All of the links that every one above suggested, the Amino Acid complete your suggestions does NOT have all 4 (GOAL) of the amino acids Dr Oz suggests, read the lables.

    • says

      Also from what I have read it should have a least 2000mg with all 4. From what I have found most only have 3 and not even 30% of the suggested dose.

    • says

      That’s frustrating! I guess I respect Dr Oz for not recommending brands, but this is the kind of situation where it would be really helpful if he could mention products that do meet these standards.

  2. Jeri says

    I found a HGH complex on amazon from vitabase. 60 caps w/all the suggested ingreds. for $13.95 But not familiar w/company. It is the only company that has the exact ingreds.

  3. says

    I searched the interwebs to get the best prices and this is what I found:

    1 Glycine: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/gly.html

    2 Ornithine: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/lop.html

    1 Arginine: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/larg.html

    1 Lysine: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/lpow.html

    I’m buying a pound of each. The Ornithine only comes in 8oz so I have to get two. Total comes out to $101.46 and 5.98 shipping (which isn’t bad at all.)

  4. Alan says

    Once again very little proof that this stuff works and because Dr Oz i on tv all you losers believe him! Followers!

  5. Jimbo says

    Hi Mr. Howard,
    Do you know what time of day you are supposed to take the amino acids? Bedtime of morning? Also do you take all together at one time so they work better, or do you take half say in the morning and half at night? Thank you for any feed back.

    • says

      I don’t recall that Dr Oz said when to take them. You could experiment with what works best for you, or ask a pharmacist or your doctor for a suggestion. They might be able to give you the best specific advice for your situation.

    • Leslie says

      I looked up this website and it doesn’t say how many pills to take to get the mg. stated for each amino acid. If one a day that would be great.

      • Lisa says

        I’m also interested to but it doesn’t say on that website. I am currently using another product from http://www.mikefit.com called Max Burn and it has about 1,000mg per serving ( 2 capsules). I’m liking it so far. Hope that helps!

  6. Sage Dakota says

    Dr. Oz doesn’t say the amino acid complex increases your energy level by 600%. He says it increases your human growth hormone levels by 600%. The HGH can increase your energy levels, but he didn’t specify a percentage of the energy level increase.

  7. Claudia says

    I had a question regarding the 2,000mg required of the GOAL amino acid blend –

    Is it 2,000 mg of each individual amino acid, or a 2,000mg combined with all four of the amino acids (ie, is it 500mg of glycine, ornithine, arginine and lysine)?

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