Dr Oz: GMO Food Labeling Increases Cost of Food & California Prop 37


Dr. Oz: Genetically Modified Food Labeling

Dr. Oz talked with Gary Hirshberg, founder of Just Label It, to hear his thoughts about why labeling should happen. He said everyone has an opinion. Some people don’t trust big business and religious groups do not want to eat food tampered with by anyone but their God, among many other groups with their own reasons for not wanting to eat genetically modified foods.

And for Californians this could be a big debate. A first of its kind bill is being put on the ballot next month which will allow voters to vote on whether they want GMOs to be labeled or left how they are now, without labels. Prop 37 has many people advocating for the bill saying it will inform people, as well as many opponents who say it will scare away consumers.


Hirshberg said countries like Russia and China are already labeling foods so consumers know exactly what they are getting. Dr. Oz asked if this would drive the price up on produce around California if Prop 37 is passed. Hirschberg said it is more about transparency and knowing exactly what you are buying. He did say it would cost about 73 cents more per consumer.

Dr. Oz: Prop 37 – GMO Labeling Cost

Dr Oz: GMO Food Labeling Increases Cost of Food & California Prop 37

Dr. Oz talks with two experts who have opposing views on whether GMOs should be labeled and how much it will cost to start labeling them.

Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, an animal scientist from UC Davis, told Dr. Oz the price would be significantly higher. She said the cost of the grocery bill per family in California could rise as much as $400 a year.


She explained it is expensive to label every GMO a company makes and make sure special labels are listed on all products going to California. She also said making food blends would be very costly to Californians.

But Hirshberg said most of the cost cited in the study Dr. Eenennaam talked about is associated with reformulating the foods. He said he does not want that to happen. He just wants the food he eats to have a label so he knows what he is buying, especially as studies realting to the safety of the food are ongoing. If companies are happy with their products, they should label them, not change them.

Dr. Eenennaam said she has looked at the data herself and is confident the foods are safe for consumption. She said people who want to know what they are eating can by organic foods which are already, voluntarily labels by those respective companies.

I feel like they are trying to hide something from consumers and pushing their customer base right into organic food companies.

Dr. Oz: Avoiding GMOs at the Store

Dr. Oz conducted a poll asking viewers if they would prefer to eat genetically modified foods or organic foods. 91% of the people who voted said they would opt to get food that was not genetically modified. Dr. Oz cautioned against buying GMOs because no one knows the long term costs of the food.

Dr Oz: USDA Organic Label & Common GMOs in Food

He said the best way to avoid GMOs is to eat organic. All organic food should be voluntarily labels with a label reading USDA Organic. He also said to stay away from the following foods because almost all of them are genetically modified:

  • Canola
  • Corn
  • Papaya
  • Soy
  • Sugar Beets

He also said to look for labels that say NON GMO Project Verified.


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