Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Personality Traits for Life Path Number 5,7,8,9


Dr. Oz: Life Path Numbers

Glynis McCants already went over what it means to have life path numbers 1 and 6, as well as what it means to have a life path number of 2, 3, or 4. Dr. Oz also went over again how to calculate your life path number.

Dr. Oz: Life Path Number 5 & Life Path Number 7

Glynis McCants said the life path number 5 and 7 are very similar. She said both of these life path numbers need freedom and space. If someone is trying to control them they will leave right away. They must also drink a lot of water to stay healthy. And they will ask the big spiritual questions like “why are we here,” “where do I belong” and “who am I,” because it makes them feel better. They will also have a lot of sleep problems. But doing some deep breathing before bed will make them sleep better.


Dr. Oz: Life Path Number 8

Dr Oz: Glynis McCants Personality Traits - Life Path Number 5, 7, 8, 9

Dr. Oz listens as Gylnis McCants goes over the traits for people with the life path number 5, 7, 8 & 9. Life path number 5 traits include the need for freedom.

Dr. Oz talked with Julie, a woman with a life path number of 8. She described herself as an over thinker. McCants said these types of people will master financial security. They are always wanting to get paid for their time and are always accounting for the time they have worked. They also feel victimized by life. They will constantly have lower back pain as well. And if they get depressed or sad, McCants said watching a goofy, funny movie will make them feel better again. Dancing will help as well.

Julie said this was dead on. She said every time she gets sad she will watch cartoons to bring her back to her childhood and it always makes her feel better.


Dr. Oz: Life Path Number 9

Genine, a woman in the audience who had a life path number of 9, said she is tired all the time and her neck constantly hurts. McCants said people with a life path number 9 will be very responsible and will always feel some sort of weight on their shoulders.

They always feel responsible; even as children they were beyond their years. The best way to get rid of the shoulder and neck pain is a massage. McCants said buying an electric massager would do wonders for people who have a life path number 9.

So what is your life path number? Does it correlate to your personality? I tried mine and it did not correlate at all. Maybe I’m the exception. Let me know if yours worked in the comment sections below.

Dr. Oz: Funny Notes from Children

Dr. Oz collected some funny notes children have written to health professionals and the tooth fairy. He read his daughter Daphne’s first.

She wrote to the tooth fairy asking for his/her name, address and telephone number. If the  fairy did not give her the information she requested, she was not going to give the tooth fairy any more teeth.

He also read his daughter Zoe’s letter to the tooth fairy asking for two dollars because her mother gave her eight dollars and she wanted to have $10.

Another little boy tried to forge a doctor’s note for school. It said he would never have to go back to school and he even tried to forge his mother’s signature.


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