Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba Shown to Cause Cancer & Best Brain Boosting Foods


Dr Oz: Is Gingko Biloba Dangerous?

Ginkgo biloba has always been an herb people have believed made them think with more clarity and at a faster speed, but Dr. Oz said this herb might be more dangerous than you ever thought.

Ginkgo has been used to help with memory, concentration and headaches for a number of years with some people even believing the herb can treat hearing problems, asthma and digestion issues. While those may sound like very beneficial reasons to take the herb, Dr. Oz said a new study has shown the cons might outweigh the pros.


In an effort to learn more about ginkgo, Dr. Oz invited a specialist on the show to explain how ginkgo may be more harmful than beneficial.

Ginkgo Biloba Shown to Cause Liver and Thyroid Cancer

Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba Shown to Cause Cancer & Best Brain Boosting Foods

Dr. Oz looked a study saying ginkgo biloba may cause cancer, he gave his recommendations for taking the herb and looked at some brain power boosting foods.

Dr. Russell Greenfield, the ginkgo expert, said recent studies have shown that ginkgo might increase a person’s risk for liver and/or thyroid cancer, as was evident in the mice and rats being tested. While that sounds terrifying, Dr. Oz pointed out the type of ginkgo used in the studies is not the same type found in most supplements. Dr. Greenfield agreed with Dr. Oz and suggested we need to do more studies on ginkgo supplements to find out the benefits and dangers of all types of ginkgo.


Ginkgo Biloba Beneficial to Alzheimer’s Patients

Dr. Greenfield cautioned everyone from throwing out their ginkgo supplements saying one study should not cause alarm. However, Dr. Greenfield said he does not recommend ginkgo to his patients because he does not feel there is enough evidence to support the claims that it can improve memory, boost energy and prevent Alzheimer’s.

On a side note, Dr. Greenfield did say studies have shown ginkgo is beneficial for those who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia but not for those trying to prevent either of the diseases.

Dr Oz Ginkgo Biloba Recommendation

Dr. Oz had his own recommendations for his audience. He and his medical team have all agreed there is not enough evidence to support the claim that ginkgo can boost brain power or improve your memory. He said there are better ways to get the same results without the potential for risk.

Smell of Rosemary Boosts Memory

Dr. Oz challenged two of his audience members to a quiz to see if they knew which foods are the best for boosting brain power. How many can you get right? Do you know any other brain boosting foods we should try?

  • Which breakfast staple can boost memory? Eggs or Yogurt? – Eggs. The yolk contains choline, a nutrient that fights dementia.
  • Which salad topper can boost mental performance? Beets or Edamame? – Beets. They have been shown to improve focus and concentration.
  • Which dinner protein can better protect your memory? Lean Turkey or Shrimp? Shrimp. It contains iron and B12, both of which have been shown to reduce cognitive decline.
  • Which herb best boosts brain power? Bay Leaves or Rosemary? – Rosemary. The smell alone has been shown to improve memory but you can add it to your diet as well.


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