Dr. Oz: How You Get Hemorrhoids & Squatting Vs. Sitting On The Toilet


Dr. Oz: Hemorrhoids

Dr. Oz talked about hemorrhoids on his show. He even chose an Assistant of the Day for the segment, although I know I wouldn’t want to be Assistant of the Day for hemorrhoid day. This can only be embarrassing.

75 percent of people will experience hemorrhoids sometime in their lives, so today was all about the terrible conditions. Joey Lynn was the assistant and she said she’d actually had hemorrhoids before. She said she had hemorrhoids after having her children. She had it after being pregnant with both of her children.


Dr. Oz: How You Get Hemorrhoids & Squatting Vs. Sitting On The Toilet

Dr. Oz talked about hemorrhoids and discussed treatments and causes of the discomforting condition that affects 75 percent of people in their lifetime. (Sinisa Botas / Shutterstock.com)

She said symptoms include irritation, bleeding, and inflammation, but she said that it didn’t itch. Dr. Oz said itchiness is a symptom as well.

Dr. Oz: Hemorrhoid Symptoms

He said several things tend to play a role in why we get hemorrhoids, including pregnancy. Age is another causative factor, as well as constipation, lower-fiber diet, lifting heavy objects. and being excessively fat.


Dr. Oz: How Hemorrhoids Happen

Dr. Oz had Joey Lynn slide down a giant model of the rectum. She showed that when fecal matter slides down the rectum, it can tear at the sides and even engorge or pop enlarged veins, causing hemorrhoid troubles.

Dr. Oz: Hemorrhoid Treatments

Dr. Oz said people should use hemorrhoid creams, eat fiber, and drink chamomile tea. He also said people should follow their body for solutions, as well. Cold baths are good for acute inflammation of hemorrhoids and hot baths are good for chronic inflammation.

Chamomile tea bags can also go down there. Soak it in warm water and put it down there for about 5 minutes. This can provide real relief.

If none of these work, you can try a hemorrhoid laser treatment, where they actually go into the colon and laser the problem area off. Joey Lynn said this procedure was recommended by a doctor to her, but it scared her so she didn’t do it. Dr. Oz said it is expensive, at about $500 and you need several treatments.

Dr. Oz: Squatting Vs. Sitting

Then Dr. Oz asked Joey Lynn to sit on a toilet. He said that sitting on the toilet isn’t as effective as squatting. Dr. Oz recommended propping the feet up six inches and leaning forward slightly to encourage better release of stool from the rectum. Dr. Oz recommended a stack of magazines to prop your feet up, but you might be able to use a small footstool for this purpose.


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