Dr Oz: Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs & Generic Drugs to Avoid


Dr Oz: Vitamin Supplements High In Lead, Vitamin A

Dr. Oz sat down with Dr. Tod Cooperman of Consumer Lab to talk about the tests Dr. Cooperman did to find out what really is inside a vitamin supplement. After looking at the results of the tests, Dr. Oz said he was very concerned with the amount of lead and vitamin A inside some of the supplements.

Dr Oz: Generic Drugs Not the Same As Brand Name Drugs

Even though purchasing generic drugs can save you some big bucks, Dr. Oz said they are not necessarily as effective as their brand name counterparts. Dr. Tod Cooperman said the FDA has less strict guidelines for generic drugs and he explained that the quality of a drug can even differ among the generic drugs. He said in some supplements, there are several variations of the same drug in each pill provided.


Dr Oz: Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs & Generic Drugs to Avoid

Dr. Oz looked at the difference between generic drugs and brand name drugs, went over generic drugs to avoid and guidelines for getting prescriptions filled.

Dr. Oz showed a graph to elaborate on what they were talking about.

  • Brand Name Drugs: You get 100% of what you are supposed to absorb.
  • Generic Drug: Gives you 80% absorption
  • Generic Drug Refill: Gives you 125% absorption because it might be from a different company than your original prescription.

Dr Oz: Avoid Buying Generic Blood Thinners

Dr. Tod Cooperman said there are a lot of medications you should avoid in generic form because they are drugs that need to be kept in a very narrow range in your blood. When too much is in the blood it can be toxic and when there is too little it will not work.

  • Blood pressure medication
  • Thyroid medications
  • Anti-seizure medications
  • Asthma medication
  • Blood thinners
  • Immunosuppressants

Dr Oz: Prescription-Filling Guidelines For Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Dr. Oz and Dr. Tod Cooperman also had a number of prescription-filling guidelines they wanted everyone to follow, whether it be a brand name drug or a generic drug.

  • Consider brand names for extended-release drugs – Dr. Cooperman said these are the best kinds of drugs to buy because the rate of release can vary for generic brand drugs.
  • Identify the manufacturer of generic drugs – Dr. Oz said there could be several versions of one generic drug. He suggested finding a manufacturer that works for you and always asking for the same manufacturer when you get your prescription filled.
  • Find out if an “authorized” generic exists for your drug – Dr. Cooperman said this is a little-known pharmaceutical industry secret. It means a company keeps manufacturing a certain drug but labels it with a different name.
  • When switching to a generic medication monitor yourself closely for a month – Dr. Cooperman said generic drugs are not tested for safety or efficiency which means you must do it yourself. Make sure to monitor how well the drug works for you.

Dr Oz: Best Ways To Tackle Stress

Dr. Oz asked his viewers to share the best ways they deal with stress. Below are some of the answers.

  • A walk through the park
  • Take a bath while sipping a glass of wine
  • Fuzzy slippers and a piece of dark chocolate
  • Go to the gym
  • Dance to the radio


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