Dr Oz: Geneen Roth Binge Eating Advice & Wellspring at Structure House


Dr. Oz: Geneen Roth’s Binge Eating Advice

Geneen Roth, who did not seem very nice to the women, said the first step to stopping the binge eating is to find out why the women binge eat. As she put it, we don’t want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our life to be a hot fudge sundae.

Kelly said she binge eats because she is lonely. Roth advised her to tell her husband about her problem so he would be able to help her through this difficult time. Kelly seemed a bit iffy about telling her husband, but Roth said it was the only way to stop the binge eating.


Dr Oz: Binge Eating Emotional Triggers


Dr Oz: Geneen Roth Binge Eating Advice & Wellspring at Structure House

Dr. Oz and Geneen Roth help the women find their triggers to binge eating and Dr. Oz offers the women a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change.

Mary said she binge eats because her mother passed away when she was 11 years old and feels lonely and sad because she never had a mother. She told Roth she does not want that for her child. Roth told her first and foremost, Mary needs to be a mother to Stephanie and a friend later. Roth said Mary’s binging probably stems from the loss of her mother and she has taught her daughter to binge so her daughter will never leave her.


Stephanie said she binge eats because her mother does. She said she doesn’t know if she would binge eat if her mother was not a binge eater. Roth told Stephanie it is not too late for her to change her life around and become a healthy eater.

Dr Oz: Out of Control Binge Eating

Camilla said she wasn’t sure why she was a binge eater but Roth told her it probably stems from her grandmother being so mean to her so many years ago. Roth said it also might stem from being at a job where she feels like she is going no where and having a kid on the way. Stress is probably bringing about her eating.

Dr. Oz reminded the women that people die from this illness and they need to change their lifestyles.

Dr. Oz: Wellspring at Structure House

Dr. Oz offered each of the women a chance to get help with their illness by attending the Wellspring at Structure House, a weight lose program for adults. A member of the staff said the women will get help finding out exactly what triggers their eating and different ways to cope with the triggers.

Each of the women accepted the offer from Dr. Oz. The women have to stay at the treatment facility for a month. Would you be able to stay away from your family and loved ones for an entire month just to lose weight? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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