Dr Oz: Gabrielle Reece on a Submissive Marriage & Foods of the Future


Dr Oz: Gabrielle Reece Says Submissiveness Saved Her Marriage

Gabrielle Reece has been getting a lot of criticism for saying submissiveness makes her marriage work better than anything else she has ever tried. Although she wrote about the topic in her new book, My Feet Are Too Big For the Glass Slippers, Reece said it was taken out of context a little bit.

She said the comment is made in a section of the book where she talks abut having cohabitating roles with your spouse. She said she took the role of service in her marriage. She wants to serve her family because she knows it is for the greater good.


As for the comment about being submissive, Reece said she also believes you have to have a partner who isn’t incompetent for it to work. All relationships need some give and take. She was not asking for women to be submissive to all men. She believes they can be submissive when they have a partner who helps out around the house, saying it has to be reciprocal for it to work.

Gabrielle Reece Struggles With Height and Weight

Reece also talks about her struggle with weight in her new book, but not in the sense that she has a weight problem. She simply can’t fit into anything. She is 6’3″ 175 pounds, which means nothing fits her. When people ask her why she is wearing something particular to an event she just tells them, “because it fit.”

Dr Oz: Gabrielle Reece on a Submissive Marriage & Foods of the Future

Gabrielle Reece opened up about her comment about being submissive in her marriage, she revealed her rules to live by and Dr. Oz looked at foods of the future.
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She said she has had to come to an understanding with herself that she is a size 10-12 and she is never going to be smaller than that. According to her, being healthy is about vitality and not about being the perfect size.

Gabrielle Reece Teaches Children To Accept Their Bodies

Gabrielle Reece said her middle child, Reece, once mace a comment about how her sister is so skinny and she will never be fat no matter what she eats. When Gabrielle Reece heard her daughter say that she told her she needed to be grateful for the strength she gets from her body because her younger sister will never have a body built for strength.

Gabrielle Reece Rules To Live By

Gabrielle Reece has three rules she believes everyone should live by:

  • 56,160 Rule – Gabrielle Reece said that is roughly the number of calories she burned just doing laundry. She said whenever she gets behind on her day and can’t work out she thinks about doing laundry and how simple activities help her stay fit. 
  • Find time to curse – Reece said everyone should curse sometimes to get their emotions out.
  • Challenge yourself every single day – Dr. Oz took the last one to heart and competed against Reece in a video game showdown where they played volleyball against each other.

Dr Oz: Healthiest Foods Of the Future

Some things never change but a lot of things do, like our diets over time. Dr. Oz called on the help of Margarita, a member of the audience who volunteered to eat some of the foods of the future.

  • Cobia Fish -Hailed as the next salmon by experts. It has no fishy taste and grows 10 times faster than salmon.
  • Purple Foods – Purple carrots, purple cauliflower and purple corn all have health benefits.
  • Edible Bugs – Dr. Oz said this is the true food of the future because insects are very nutritional, low in carbs and high in protein. Plus they are bugs which means you won’t eat too many.


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