Dr Oz: Friends Reduce Stress & Smoking, Drinking Make Body Age Faster


Dr Oz: What Is Your RealAge?

Dr. Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Keith Roach all sat down to discuss the RealAge Test, some of the questions from the test and how lack of sleep and high blood pressure can adversely affect the aging process.

Dr Oz: Significant Stress Makes You Age More Quickly

Dr. Oz said your driver’s license can reveal a lot about how you age. Most people would love to look like they did in their driver’s license and according to Dr. Oz’s guests, it is possible with some simple lifestyle changes.


The first step to looking like a younger you in your driver’s license picture is to determine your RealAge so you can get to work on improving your number and looking 10 years younger. Check out the next set of questions from the RealAge test below:

  1. How many of the following have you gone through in the past year (death, divorce, job loss)?
  2. In the last year, how much financial stress have you experienced?
  3. How do you experience stress at home or work?

    Dr Oz: Friends Reduce Stress & Smoking, Drinking Make Body Age Faster

    Dr. Oz looked at more questions off the RealAge Test, revealed that friends can be beneficial in lowering stress levels and stress is the number one ager.

Dr. Michael Roizen said focusing on your past year can reveal a lot about how it has affected your health. While something like acute stress from a broken bone will not affect your aging process, a traumatic life event could impact your age more because of the high level of stress.

Dr Oz: Smoking, Drinking Can Make You Age Faster

The next set of questions from the RealAge Test revolved all around your daily habits, which have a huge impact on how fast you age.

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. During an average day, how many alcoholic drinks do you have?
  3. How many sunburns that caused blistering have you had?

Dr Oz: Red Meat Increases How Fast You Age

The next questions on the RealAge test asked about the foods you eat on a regular basis. The questions below reveal a lot about your food choices, especially the bad ones that are most unhealthy for your body.

How many servings of each of the following do you eat per week?

  • Red Meat
  • Poultry
  • Processed meats/foods

Dr. Keith Roach told Dr. Oz’s audience red meat contains a lot of saturated fat, which damages blood vessels, meaning eating red meat more than once a week is a problem for your health and could make you age faster.

Dr Oz: Friends Reduce Stress

The next questions on the RealAge Test focused on relationships and interactions with the people around you on a daily basis:

  1. What is your relationship status?
  2. How often do you see or talk to your friends?
  3. Which describes your activity level?

Dr. Michael Roizen said stress is the one thing that will age you the fastest but he also revealed having friends can lower stress.


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