Dr Oz: Free Prescription Medications & Prescription Assistance Programs


Dr. Oz: Free Prescription Medication?

Are costly prescription medications hurting your wallet? You just might be eligible for free prescriptions! Best of all, qualifying is a lot easier than you might think. Consumer expert Elizabeth Leamy demonstrated just how easy it is for families to save tens of thousands of dollars—that’s right, tens of thousands!

Dr. Oz: Prescription Assistance Programs

Dr. Oz and consumer expert Elizabeth Leamy explained just how easy it may be to qualify for Prescription Assistance Programs.

Dr. Oz and consumer expert Elizabeth Leamy explained just how easy it may be to qualify for Prescription Assistance Programs.


Elizabeth explained just how easy it is to get started. First, begin with a general search for online for Prescription Assistance Programs. You can use a specific company’s site, or a clearinghouse site that will comb through hundreds of different options for you.

First, list your medicines. Then, state your yearly income. If you’re single and make $25-45,000; a couple and make $35-60,000; or a family of four and make $55-90,000, you are most likely eligible.

Finally, find your medications, print, have your doctor sign, and mail it in. It takes about 10 days to receive a response, and the entire process took just five minutes and seven seconds. In that time, Elizabeth saved her family of four nearly $40,000!


Dr Oz: Save Money with Free Prescription Drugs

Even if you don’t qualify for free medication, you may be eligible for discounts, so doing the research is definitely worth a try. Many of the giant drug companies offer up to $200 million worth of free medication each year. The internet is an amazing resource for finding these programs which have always existed in the past, but many didn’t know about. One new site has offered help to nearly eight million people in just a few short years.

So, there you have it. No longer does the cost of prescription drugs have to weight heavy on your mind!



  1. sandra roberts says

    i need help with my medicines,i tried to sign up for medicade or medicareim not sure which one but i was denied,i dont have any income,i need my Vyvanse 50mg,ive been waiting for the conway pharmacy ,but they have helped but im still waiting,and i need my keppra 750-4 times daily im almost out of them thats for my epilepsey,thanks.sandra

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