Dr Oz: Foot Bath Remedy to Treat Gout & Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism


Dr Oz: Gout Due To High Levels Of Uric Acid

Dr. Oz and Dr. Keri Peterson went over some unlikely health detectives, from your garbage man to your dental hygienist, and let viewers know how each of them could be the key to figuring out some health issues you have. Did you think a hairdresser could save your life? According to Dr. Oz, they can.

Dr Oz: Excessive Sweating, Symptom Of Hyperthyroidism

Dr. Keri Peterson said the next health detective on her list was a dry cleaner because the dry cleaner can detect if you have hyperthyroidism. She said the disease is most common in women and one of the most obvious symptoms of the disease is excessive sweating, which your dry cleaner will hopefully notice. Below are some other symptoms to look for:

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