Dr Oz: Food & Bridge Exercise Fight Belly Bloat & Sweat Harness Review


Dr Oz: What Is a Jogasm?

Dr. Oz has been answering some of the most awkward health questions of all time and he isn’t ashamed to talk about anything. He already talked with one woman who wanted to know why there was mucous in her poop, another woman wanted to know why she was having “jogasms” and another wanted to know about butt boils.

Keep on reading to find out the number one most awkward question Dr. Oz is going to answer.


Dr Oz: Arm Pit Stains – 2nd Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz is giving a new meaning to the term P.D.A. because his next question was all about public displays of awkwardness. Everyone has done something embarrassing in public, but Dr. Oz said the number one complaint people have while in public is about their armpits sweating. No one wants to get caught in public with sweaty armpit stains on their shirt.

Dr Oz: Food & Bridge Exercise Fight Belly Bloat & Sweat Harness Review

Dr. Oz answered the top two most embarrassing questions of all time, gave diet suggestions to beat belly bloat and had an exercise to help the digestive tract.

Dr. Oz admitted this was a huge problem for him and even had a few pictures to prove it. According to him the average person sweats about a liter a day but in some cases people can sweat even more. Did you know some factors can even increase the amount you sweat? Some of those factors are listed below. By cutting them out your lifestyle, you may start seeing those sweat stains disappear.

  • Caffeine
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Certain R/X drugs
  • Spicy foods
  • Stressful situations

Dr Oz: Sweat Harness Review

Dr. Oz said that while he usually does not mind sweating, there are times when he has to do public speaking (every day basically) so he brings along his secret sweat fighting weapon, the Sweat Harness. The contraption was especially fitting for his show today because it actually looked as awkward as the problem it is trying to solve. Dr. Oz said he wears the device, which looks like a bra, all the time. He explained the pads in the Sweat Harness absorb the sweat coming out of your armpits. For anyone who doesn’t want to wear the harness, Dr. Oz suggested buying some sweat pads that adhere directly to the inside of your shirt.

Dr Oz: When Is the Baby Due? – #1 Most Awkward Question Ever Asked

Dr. Oz said that by far the most embarrassing, and rude, question women get asked is “When is the baby due?” Although it might seem innocent, sometimes the woman being asked isn’t pregnant at all. Dr. Oz said this can be an embarrassing and insulting question for some women because it could be due to a health problem. The main cause of belly fat is bloating and Dr. Oz had the best solutions for getting rid of belly bloating.

Dr Oz: Foods To Reduce Belly Bloating

Dr. Oz said that treating your bloating begins with your diet. Fermented foods are good at reducing bloating and they are filled with probiotics which are excellent for your gut and digestion. Try some of the foods below to help fight belly bloating.

  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso Soup
  • Kimchi

Dr Oz: Belly Bloat Reducing Bridge Exercise

Dr. Oz also had an exercise to help fight belly bloat and get your digestive tract working better. To perform the exercise, you get on your hands and knees and inhale while arching your back then release your breath and arch your back while pushing your belly button toward the floor. Repeat a few times to help reduce the belly bloat.


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