Dr Oz: Fight Aching Joints With Glucosamine + Knee Exercise


Dr Oz: Fight Aching Joints

According to Dr Oz, aching joints are one of the most dreaded signs of aging, but the good news is that the pain is preventable, and Dr Oz had a three-step plan to keep your joints healthy and keep you feeling young. He was joined by Cindy, who said her aching knees make her feel even older. Dr Oz showed her a real knee of someone who had arthritis. He explained that if the bone gets irritated you will get what look like crevices on the surface, which can become painful over time.

Dr Oz: Fight Aching Joints With Glucosamine + Knee Exercise

Dr Oz shared how you can fight aching joints with glucosamine and a simple knee strengthening exercise. (mashe / Shutterstock.com)


He then showed x-rays of knees, starting with what the knee should look like, with a nice, dark space in between the bones to show that the bones aren’t touching each other. In an x-ray on an osteoarthritic knee, there is no black space, or very little black space, and the bones are hitting each other.

Dr Oz: Reverse Inflammation With Omega-3s

Dr Oz explained that step one is to reverse inflammation, and there are dietary do’s and don’ts. He said you need to include omega-3s in every meal. For breakfast, you can have chia seeds with almond milk. For lunch, you can have a salmon salad and then enjoy a snack of yogurt topped with walnuts, which contain omega-3s. For dinner, you can have a tofu stir fry, because tofu has omega-3s.

One big dietary don’t is sugar, because it triggers the release of inflammatory chemicals. Dr Oz said you avoid added sugar and if you look on the product label and see a word that ends in “ose,” you shouldn’t eat it.


Dr Oz: Knee Strengthening Exercise

Step two is to restore function with gentle joint exercises. To strengthen your knees, Dr Oz suggested crossing your arms across your chest, and then sitting just enough to touch your bottom, before standing back up again. Do ten reps per day to strengthen your knees.

Dr Oz: Glucosamine & Curcumin

Step three is about repairing the cartilage, and you can do that with a simple supplement. The two things you want to look for in particular are glucosamine and curcumin. Glucosamine is naturally produced in our body and some studies have shown that those who take it in a supplement form are helped in terms of arthritis. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and is what gives turmeric its color. Studies have shown that it is just as potent as taking ibuprofen.

Usana Health Sciences makes a product called Procosa that has both those ingredients in it.



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    Please send me my free samples of glucosamine and curcumin as seen on TV. Dr. Oz. Thank you, No more pain.

    Eileen Kwan

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