Dr Oz Fertility: FSH Shots Vs IVF Cost & Clomid Uterine Cancer Risk


Dr Oz Fertility: Treatment Choices

Dr Oz and his guests discussed How Old Is Too Old To Have A Baby? But regardless of where you fit into the conversation, there are many women who are interested in becoming parents later in life. Dr Oz met a woman named Sharyn who told her story and learned about treatment options such as FSH Shots IVF, and more.

Dr Oz: Sharyn’s Fertility Story

Dr Oz: FSH Shots Vs IVF Cost

Dr Oz explored fertility options & treatments, including FSH Shots Vs IVF Cost, with people on both sides of the issue.


Sharyn worked as a police officer and focused on her career through most of her life. By age 44, she was finally ready to start a family with the man of her dreams. They conceived, but got terrible news during a routine checkup: the baby had a terminal birth defect. Sharyn and her husband elected to terminate the pregnancy.

Since then, she can’t stop thinking about wanting to have a baby. She said she obsesses about it all day long. That’s why she pursued a fertility specialist, who informed her that her chance of getting pregnant using her natural eggs was as low as 5%.

Sharyn wondered why celebrities were able to have babies later in life, and decided to take out a second mortgage on her home to pay for fertility treatments.


Dr Oz: Fertility Treatment Options

Dr Oz’s guest, Dr Jain, said it’s important for doctors and patients to get on the same page. The doctor must create realistic expectations, so the patient knows the risks and odds of a successful pregnancy.

Be sure to ask a doctor about all your options, but counseling is a critical part of the process, to help ensure that everyone’s emotional and health concerns are properly addressed throughout the journey.

Dr Oz: FSH Shots Vs IVF Cost

There are two basic types of treatment, according to Dr Oz’s show: tablets, or injections, which are intended to stimulate egg production. Getting help becoming pregnant can be an expensive process. Here’s how they stack up in terms of cost.

  • FSH Shots – $3,000; plus about five doctor’s visits
  • Artificial Insemination – $500-1,000 per cycle
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – $15,000 per cycle
  • Egg Donation – $15,000-20,000; includes costs such as donor compensation

Dr Oz: Clomid Uterine Cancer Risk

Dr Jennifer Lahl said that she is sympathetic to stories like Sharyn’s. However, she expressed concern about potential Uterine Cancer risks associated with the fertility drug Clomid.

She said that other fertility drugs have also been associated with cancer risks, and added that these expensive treatments fail about 50% of the time (which ironically is the same as the divorce rate). Dr Lahl said she hopes that physicians are fully educating and informing patients about what they’re getting into.


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