Dr Oz: Fecal Transplant for Digestive Illnesses & Purple Food Diet


Dr Oz: America’s Strangest Health Trends

Dr. Oz is checking out some of the strangest health trends in America on his May 17 2013 episode. He is going to reveal which ones actually work and which ones are just trying to get you to spend money.

Dr. Oz introduced his audience to Mary Roach, a woman who has been dubbed America’s Funniest Science Writer, as well as Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, a gastroenterologist. He told Dr. Oz his favorite topic at the dinner table is talking about about poop since that is what he deals with most of the day so you know both of them know a thing or two about being strange.


Purple Food Diet Not Good for Achieving Optimal Health

Dr Oz: Fecal Transplant for Digestive Illnesses & Purple Food Diet

Dr. Oz looked at whether or not a fecal transplant can help cure digestive illnesses and he suggested everyone stay away from the Purple Food Diet.

Have you ever heard of the Purple Food Diet? Apparently it is a diet where you only eat purple foods. I didn’t even think there were enough purple foods to even make a whole diet from them. Either way, the diet trend is sweeping across the nation and is especially famous with women in Hollywood.

While all purple foods are filled with lots of nutrients and lots of powerful antioxidants, Dr. Rodriguez said we need more variety in the foods we eat when we are on a diet. Dr. Oz agreed, saying a diet comprised of only purple foods would not be the best option for achieving optimal health.


Fecal Transplant Effective in Fighting Digestive Problems

Dr. Oz said this next trend is one of the strangest he has ever heard of. He said some people who are suffering from digestive and intestinal problems have turned to fecal transplants to help them feel healthier. Mary Roach said fecal transplants are real and she has even witnessed the produce once.

She explained a person literally brings a sample of their poop which is then inserted into the sick person’s body through a colonoscopy. Although it sounds really strange and disgusting, Dr. Oz said these types of transplants work. The healthy bacteria from the poop is released inside the person’s body where it can fight the illness. Dr. Oz added that fecal transplants are safe, effective and inexpensive.

If it came down to it, would you have a fecal transplant?

Vibrating Exercise Machines Great for Back Pain

One of the newest weight loss trends is using a vibrating exercise machine but can they really work to help you lose weight?

Roach visited NASA where they were testing this health trend on bone loss but found it to be ineffective.

While the machine was shown not to be effective in weight loss, Dr. Rodriguez said they are great for  strengthening your muscles. Dr. Oz said the machines have also been shown to help people suffering from lower back pain as well.


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