Dr Oz: Fear of Elevators, Claustrophobia Related & How to Stop Anxiety


Dr Oz: Fear Of Elevators Stems From Claustrophobia

Dr. Oz is always there when you need a health question answered but he is also there to help you feel more confident. During this part of his episode he went over some of the weirdest quirks he could find and some are going to make your strange quirks seem pretty normal.

One woman in the audience told Dr. Oz she is petrified of elevators. They leave her feeling like she could suffocate. She said she will avoid elevators at any cost, even taking the time to climb six flights of stairs if she needs to, which is how she got to Dr. Oz’s studio this afternoon.


Dr. Oz was concerned for the woman because this quirk was affecting her life in a major way. So he called on the help of psychologist Jennifer Hartstein who revealed that more than 13 million people actually suffer from a phobia, like claustrophobia, the phobic that a fear of elevators stems from.

Dr Oz: Fear of Elevators, Claustrophobia Related & How to Stop Anxiety

Dr. Oz went over the quirkiest pet peeves people have, explained how to best stop feeling anxious and talked with a woman who has claustrophobia.

Dr Oz: Distract Yourself and Breathe Deeply To Stop Feeling Anxious

Dr. Hartstein said the first thing you need to do when you start feeling anxious is to take some deep breaths. Next, you want to find a way to distract yourself, such as playing with your keys or focusing your mind on something else. The more distracted you can be from the anxiety, the better off you are. These tricks will reduce your anxiety and allow you to deal with anxiety better in the future.


Dr Oz: Woman Has Fear Of Balloons

A lot of people have pet peeves. Some people can’t stand when someone chews gum too loudly while others can not stand the sound of fingernails being dragged along a chalkboard. Most people are able to forget about the event after it happens but in some people, any pet peeve can trigger an extreme reaction.

Dr. Hartstein said it is not always about the thing or the action that bothers someone, but more about the sound that leaves them cringing. One audience member told Dr. Oz she feels intense anxiety when she is around balloons because she knows they can pop at any moment. Dr. Hartstein said the only way to overcome this fear is to exposure yourself to the sound of a balloon popping, which in turn leads to you developing a tolerance to the sound over time.

Dr Oz: Applying Pressure To Stop Gag Reflex

Dr. Oz’s next guest was a woman who said she is not able to brush her teeth or chew mint-flavored gum without gagging. He said gag reflexes are important but this woman’s reflex was extra sensitive. He had a tip for her though. He said she could desensitize her gag reflex by applying pressure to the palm of her hand which will distract her while she is brushing her teeth. Over time, Dr. Oz said the woman would build up a less sensitive gag reflex.

Dr Oz: How To Stop Sneezing and Farting At the Same Time

The next brave audience member to share her strange body quirk told Dr. Oz every time she sneezes she farts as well. Dr. Oz said the answer for this woman was Kegel exercises. He said not to focus on doing Kegel exercises but instead focus on clenching your butt cheeks together when you do the exercise.

Dr Oz: Flexible Arteries Mean You Are Healthy

Dr. Oz made sure to share some healthy quirks on the show as well. He brought out a woman who was extremely flexible and said this is a great quirk because being flexible means you arteries are flexible as well, which is great for your health.

Dr Oz: Quirky Health Talents

Dr. Oz had a video compilation of some of the quirkiest health tricks he could find. He then welcomed a couple of audience members who had interesting talents, including a woman who solved a Rubik’s Cube in one minute and a man who can say any phrase or sentence backwards.


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