Dr Oz: FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines & Sleeping Pills a Short-Term Fix


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Raise Cancer Risk for Women

Dr. Oz has some frightening information about sleeping pills. He revealed a study has shown a link between sleeping pills and cancer and women who have taken just 18 sleeping pills in one year increased their risk for cancer three and half times. Keep reading to find out more about this Dr. Oz alert.

Dr. Oz: Sleeping Pills Cause People to Black Out

With all this new information about sleeping pills Dr. Oz wanted to know if his audience had ever experienced any side effects from taking sleeping pills and a few of them had.


One women said she woke up with burns on her hands but had no recollection of what happened. She later came to realize, when someone else told her, she has actually cooked pasta in the middle of the night. Another women said she found empty bowls of ice by her bed in the morning but had no idea how they had got there.

Dr Oz: FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines & Sleeping Pills a Short-Term Fix

Dr. Oz looked at the new FDA sleeping pill guidelines and talked with audience members who had adverse side effects to sleeping pills.

While those two stories might seem a bit embarrassing, Dr. Oz said these women were very lucky because they could have been hurt pretty badly. He told the audience he is very concerned with doctors prescribing sleeping pills so often and so easily.


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Patient Responsibility is Needed

Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep specialist who talked with Dr. Oz about the dangers of melatonin in the past, said doctors may be prescribing sleeping pills too often and it is the patients who need to  be responsible. He said patients who are prescribed sleeping pills need to educate themselves on the medication and truly understand what types of drugs they are putting in their body. Although Dr. Breus does not think sleeping pills need to be eliminated all together, he does believe we need to be more responsible when taking them.

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Short-Term Fix

Dr. Oz said millions of people do not believe they can sleep at night without a prescription but only in some of those cases are the sleeping pills truly necessary. Dr. Oz said there times when no matter what you try to do, you can not fall asleep, and sleeping pills might be the only answer, although he cautioned that taking sleeping pills should only be a short-term fix. They were not meant to be taken for a long period of time because they are only treating the symptoms of sleeplessness rather than the deep underlying cause. Some of the times Dr. Oz thought sleeping pills would come in handy for a short amount of time are below.

  • Long travel that causes jet lag
  • Times of high trauma or stress
  • The death of a loved one

Dr Oz: Only Take Sleeping Pills For Four Weeks

Dr. Michael Breus explained sleep aids should not be taken for more than four weeks except in cases where the patient is under the care of a sleep professional. Many people also receive other forms of therapy to help them improve their sleep, which can take longer than four weeks, to which Dr. Breus said the minute the other forms of therapy begin to work, you need to ween yourself off the sleeping pills. He said this process can take around 3 months.

Dr Oz: New FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Janet Engle to walk everyone through the new government guidelines for women taking sleeping pills because he knows many of the recommendations from before have been cut in half.

Zolpidem Regular Sleeping Pills: 5 MG (old recommendation was 10 MG)

Zolpidem Extended-Release Sleeping Pills: 6.25 MG (old recommendation was 12.5 MG) – Do not cut these in half because it will ruin the extended-release benefit of the drug.


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