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Dr Oz: Dying To Be The Fattest Woman In The World

Dr Oz did a show called Dying To Be The Fattest Woman in The World.  Susanne Eman, the 700 lb woman on the quest to become the fattest woman, told Doctor Oz that she was healthy. According to her, she did not have diabetes and her cholesterol was at an acceptable level. (I guess she should check again after getting to her goal weight of 1800 lbs.)

Dr Oz performed his own tests on Susanne but first he spoke to Susanne’s personal doctor, who stated that in his opinion, she was playing “Russian Roulette” with her life. Dr Oz Fattest Woman (What happened to a clean bill of health she claimed he gave her?) Dr Oz then showed Susanne’s 2 boys, who stated on camera that they worried about her health because she couldn’t do things like other people. They went on to state that they didn’t want to lose their mom and if she took it too far, she’ll die. Susanne stated that she sat down with her boys on a regular basis and discussed it with them. She says she tells them her test results and constantly asks if they’re being bullied.


Dr Oz: Obese Woman

BMI: The normal should be 25. Over 30 is considered obese and over 40 is morbidly obese. Susanne’s number was 128. (Dr Oz told her that he had never seen a number that high before.) Susanne stated that she was proud of that number. (Really?)

Blood Sugar: The normal should be less than 100. Susanne’s was 156. Doctor Oz warned her that her number was considered diabetes and should be medicated and treated.

Triglycerides: The normal should be less than 150. Susanne’s was 516. Dr Oz stated with that number, she was at high risk for heart attacks and strokes. She basically has cream in her blood coursing through her veins.


That’s not even the worst—The Doctor Oz Show did homework and got a hold of Susanne’s medical records. Apparently, she couldn’t have diagnostic imaging for her shortness of breath because she was too heavy. Doctors believe she had a blood clot to her lungs but couldn’t know for sure because she didn’t fit into the cat scan. The nurses stated that she couldn’t walk from one side of the room to the other because her oxygen levels dropped under 75 percent. She couldn’t take the medications because of her size.

Dr Oz asked if she was even worried about her boys. Susanne stated that if her boys told her to stop, she would seriously consider it. (How many of you believe her?) She figured, as long as she was happy and healthy, they were fine with it.

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