Dr Oz: Fatigue Fighting Vitamin Cocktail & How To Power Nap


Doctor Oz: Health Myths About Fatigue

Dr Oz shared some shocking revelations about myths surrounding our health. It turns out that many pieces of conventional wisdom are actually false, and could be causing harm rather than healing.

The conversation turned to myths about Fatigue, such as the effectiveness of daytime cold medicine. Plus, should you be taking a power nap to boost your productivity later in the day? Here are the answers Dr Oz revealed.


Dr Oz: Fighting Fatigue

Dr Oz revealed the truth about fatigue and how you can manage it in your life, including nap strategies.

Dr Oz: Fatigue Fighting Vitamins

Have you heard that taking more vitamins and supplements can boost your energy?

Barbara from the audience said she believes this is true. But Dr. Oz said it’s actually a myth. He said that not all vitamins work the same way, and the body can only process a small amount of these nutrients found in vitamins.


That’s why it’s important to choose wisely and pick the best vitamins for your health needs. Dr Oz shared how you can create your own Fatigue Fighting Vitamin Cocktail.

He said you should combine 50 mg of B complex vitamins with 1000 units of Vitamin D3. The B vitamins promote cell health, while Vitamin D fights drowsy symptoms. Vitamin D from the sun is part of what makes you more alert when you’re outdoors; here I thought it was just glare.

Dr Oz recommended taking these vitamins together at breakfast, to ensure that you get a late afternoon boost when you need it most.

Dr Oz: Can Daytime Cold Medicine Make You Drowsy?

There are daytime and nighttime formulas of some cold medicine, and the belief is that daytime medicines won’t make you sleepy. But this is a myth!

According to Dr Oz, daytime or non-drowsy cold medicine can still make you sleepy, especially if you weigh less than 140 pounds. That’s because people with lower body weight are getting a higher concentration of the drugs, which is more likely to make them drowsy.

The way to avoid this problem is by looking for 12-hour formulations of cold medicine, which have a lower dosage that is time released.

Doctor Oz: Can Nightcaps Make You Sleep Better?

Dr Oz next turned to nightcaps. Can a stiff drink before bedtime help you get a good night’s rest? This is yet another myth. Though alcohol does relax you, the body can’t metabolize it while you are in REM sleep. Dr Oz warned against consuming alcohol within three hours of bedtime.

If you’re still inclined toward a nightcap, clear liquors like vodka and gin are best because they interfere less with your sleep. This explains a lot.

Dr Oz: How To Power Nap

Some people believe that the longer your nap is, the more rested and energetic you’ll be when you wake up. But this again is a myth. Naps can actually make you feel more tired if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing.

Dr Oz said napping more than 30 minutes puts you into deep sleep, making it harder for your brain to get back on track when you wake up.

He shared his Nap Attack Plan, saying you should attempt to nap for 20 to 30 minutes between 1 and 4 in the afternoon (what if that happens to be during Dr Oz?). This should give you a boost for the rest of the day without making it hard to fall asleep again at bedtime.


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