Dr Oz: Fascia Body Pain Causes + Foam Roller Back Pain Workout Remedy


Dr Oz: What is Fascia?

Have you had back pain but you cannot identify the source? Doctor Oz said there is a web of fibrous tissue, like a spiderweb, beneath the skin, and he invited an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what was going on.

Jenny from the Jersey Shore joined Dr Oz onstage, and she said she sometimes has back pain. She takes an over the counter medication or works out. But Dr Oz said that the Fascia could be your problem, even though doctors don’t often examine it because they can’t see it on tests.


Dr Oz: Fascia Causes Body Pain

Dr Oz: Fascia Body Pain Causes + Foam Roller Back Pain Workout Remedy

Dr Oz explained how the Fascia runs through the body and why our regular activities could inflame it. Try a foam roller workout next time you get back pain.

Beneath the skin and a layer of fat is Fascia, which is also found between your muscles. Think about the areas where you might be massaged, and that is where the Fascia probably is. Jenny’s friend, Mary Beth, got to join in the fun and help Dr Oz strap Jenny into a girdle.

“The Fascia is the connective tissue that holds everything together. It’s the casing around the hot dog of the body,” Dr Oz said. It can pull too hard when it is injured, which is what leads to symptoms you may be familiar with.


If you don’t exercise, you might experience more pain. For those with poor posture, this can also affect your Fascia. Chronic Stress from ongoing drama can also pull tight on your body, preventing you from having the flexibility and range of motion you want.

Dr Oz: Epsom Salt Bath for Fascia

You can prevent problems with Fascia using some basic ideas from Dr Oz. Drink lots of water, because it is important to stay hydrated. Try taking a warm Epsom Salt bath. Soak 15-20 minutes to relax the Fascia and muscles.

Dr Oz: Foam Roller Back Pain Workout

We are used to stretching for our muscles. But Dr Oz said there are different stretches you can do for your Fascia, which needs to be stretched for at least a few minutes to become pliable.

Lie on your back and put a Foam Roller behind your neck. Arch your back into the air and roll your body over the roller. If you find a tender spot, stop there and relax.



  1. kyla dimmett says

    Thank you Dr. OZ for bringing this matter to light. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia when in fact my fascia is what causes my pain. I regularly must do Malibu Pilates for posture. If I do HIIT I must have my husband painfully release my fascia. It is depressing because it stops me from being strong like I use to be. Is fascia pain the same as fibromyalgia?

  2. Jenn Pazderski says

    I find it interesting that most western medicine doctors don’t mention massage or types of massage such as myofascial release to help people with these issues.

    The massage profession has been talking about fascia and what it does to the body for years now. Western medicine is finally catching up!

  3. says

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  4. alycyn says

    I’ve found that myofascial release was the WORST PAIN I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED!!!! I’d never want to do it ever again! In fact – I won’t. Is this good for fascia or fibromyalgia and in who’s opinion?

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