Dr Oz: Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost Review & Importance of Support


Dr Oz: Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost Review

Dr. Oz sat down with Supernanny Jo Frost to go over some of the biggest sanity stealers at home and how each of them can be combated. She also helped two mothers, both dealing with toddlers, learn to keep their cool when the kids misbehave and why teaching them about hygiene is very important early in life.

Kids are not the only people Frost helps. Keep reading to find out how she helped two friends keep their relationship on track and how she helped on woman keep her clothes out of the trash.


Jo Frost Helps to Friends Learn the Importance of Support

In her new show, Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost, Frost helps a number of couples get past some pretty big issues, so today Dr. Oz brought on two friends who can never agree on what to eat since one if dieting and the other is not.

Barbara told Dr. Oz her friend of 17 years, Christina, is trying to sabotage her dieting and she is not happy with it. Check out a text conversation the women had, below, and then find out what Frost had to say.

Dr Oz: Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost Review & Importance of Support

Jo Frost, Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost, talked with two friends who need to learn how to support each other and another couple dealing with a messy situation

  • Christina – On the way back to the store. Want to get lunch?
  • Barbara – Yes
  • C- In the mood for salads?
  • B – No more like fried chicken
  • C – Forget it
  • B – Why?
  • C – You know why
  • B – Huh. No i dont
  • C – Yes you do
  • B – No i dont
  • C – You should
  • B – I dont
  • C- Just forget it
  • B – Huh?

Christina said she knows her friend is on a diet but she is missing out on eating some of the best food.

While Christina does have a point about missing out on the best foods while dieting, Frost said it is important for friends to support each other no matter what. She said it is up to Barbara to tell Christina she needs the support with her diet. She also suggested finding a restaurant where they can both get what they want, which shouldn’t be too hard since all Barbara wanted was a salad.

Wendy’s Husband Throws Out Her Dirty Clothes

Wendy and her husband, Steven, have a very unusual problem. Steven is always throwing away Wendy’s clothes because she leaves them lying all around the house. Wendy wanted to know how she can get her husband to stop tossing out her clothes.

Frost was in disbelief this was a question. She said she teaches toddlers how to put their clothes away but a grown women like Wendy can’t do it. Frost figured Wendy was not putting her clothes away because her husband would clean the clothes her, wash them and sometimes he would put them back in her closet.

Her advice was for Steven to leave the clothes laying around the house and for Wendy to start putting her clothes in the hamper.


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