Dr Oz: Face Reading Determines Pregnancy & Face Mapping Health Clues


Dr Oz: What Is Face Reading?

Looking in the mirror will never be the same after you watch Dr. Oz’s February 15 2013 show. He talked with an expert about what your face can reveal about your health, how we can all learn to be a better face reader and how we can find out the clues we can use to find out what our doctors don’t know yet.

Dr Oz: Face Mapping For Disease Prevention

Professor of Chinese medicine Lillian Pearl Bridges told Dr. Oz face reading is based in science more than people would believe. She told him Chinese medicine incorporates Western medicine with traditional Eastern medicine in different combinations to treat illness. By knowing what to look for on your face, Bridges said you can literally prevent the disease you fear the most from happening.


Just as we have organs inside our body, they also show up on the face in the same structure and placement as they would be in the body, according to Bridges. This is known as face mapping and it can tell us a lot about the health of our internal organs.

Dr Oz: Woman’s Face Shows Signs Of Pregnancy

Bridges explained the entire face holds clues to what is happening inside our bodies. She said the whites of eyes tell the story of the liver and the tip of the nose pertains to the heart. She told Dr. Oz coloring and puffiness in different parts of the face can tell you if there is a problem or even if a woman is pregnant.

Dr Oz: Face Reading – Tip Of the Nose, Heart Functions

Dr Oz: Face Reading Determines Pregnancy & Face Mapping Health Clues

Dr. Oz talked with an expert in Chinese medicine about face reading and how it can determine if a woman is pregnant and offer clues about our health.


The tip of the nose is the area which shows how your heart is functioning. Depending on the color of the tip, Bridges said you can tell how healthy your heart is. Any one color is nothing to worry about, but Bridges gets concerned when there is a combination of colors like red, purple, white or any type of puffiness. It could signal something seriously wrong with the heart.

Dr Oz: Face Reading – Groove Under the Nose, Reproductive Organs

The groove under the nose represents your reproductive organs. It should be deep, dark and plump, which is a really good sign of fertility. Bridges explained if the groove is narrow or pale, something could be wrong. She also said this is the part of the nose which can signal if a woman is pregnant. If the area gets a little puffy and pink, look for small red dots that appear which tell where the placenta is attached.

Dr. Oz eagerly invited a couple of pregnant women to the stage and he was able to notice the difference in that area of their faces, making him a believer.

Dr Oz: Face Reading – Cheeks, Health Of the Lungs

Your cheeks are directly connected with the health of your lungs. Your cheeks should plump up when you breathe deeply, but if they do not and your breathing is shallow there could be a problem with your lungs.

Dr Oz: Face Holds Clues To Kidney Problems

Dr. David A. Friedman, a cardiologist, said the face is the first area on the body a person usually looks at when a person walks in the room. Humans are able to look at the cues on a face to tell age, emotions and how well someone has cared for their body, among other things. Subtle changes in a person’s face can highlight problems going on inside the body, specifically problems with the thyroid, heart or kidneys, said Dr. Freidman. He went on to say that our face is the most exposed area of the body so it can tell a lot about our health if we know how to read the clues.


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