Dr Oz: Face Reading for Allergies, Infertility & Hormone Imbalance


Dr Oz: What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

What can your face tell us about your health or potential disease risk? Face Reading is an ancient Chinese medical practice, and Dr Mao Ni explained to Dr Oz how it works, from the chin to the cheeks and more.

“We’ve recognized that the face is a map to your body. Not just who you are…but it reveals what’s going on inside,” Dr Ni said. Centuries of research have helped to explain what your face can guide us through about the body.


Dr Oz Face Reading: Chin Map of Hormone Imbalance

Dr Oz: Face Reading for Allergies, Infertility & Hormone Imbalance

What does your face say about your health and diseases you might not know you have? Dr Oz learned about the Chinese art of Face Reading for diagnosis.

What does your chin tell Chinese medicine practitioners about health? It is associated with reproduction and hormones. Dr Ni said that blemishes, pigmentation, or acne is a sign of hormonal imbalance, such as excess estrogen. It could also be associated with weak kidneys or bladder problems.

Dr Oz: Right Cheek Allergy Predictor

Each cheek has something different to say about what’s going on inside your body, according to Dr Ni. The right cheek is tied to the Lungs and Respiratory System. If you are about to get a cold, you might have redness or irritation on the right cheek.


It could also be tied to asthma attacks. Ellen from the audience has redness on her right cheek, and she said that she has terrible allergies year round. What should she do about these symptoms?

Dr Ni said to avoid Hyperallergenic Foods such as milk and sugar. Gluten can also be a trigger. However, eating cruciferous vegetables can boost levels of antioxidant enzymes and reduce inflammation.

Dr Oz Face Reading: Liver Imbalance Diagnosis

What about the left cheek? Toward the bridge of the nose, a patient with broken capillaries may be signaling a liver imbalance. A yellow hue under the left eye is a red flag for gallstones, which can be preventable due to dietary changes.

Dr Oz asked Dr Ni to read his own face, and the dimple above Oz’s lips could signify reproductive challenges in women, such as infertility problems. Horizontal lines over the lips are a sign of this, and could lead practitioners to do full exams.

Do you think that your facial clues could help speed up the diagnostic process for your health?


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