Dr Oz: Exercise to Relieve Back Pain & Herbal Pain Patches Review


Dr Oz’s Pain Clinic – Solutions To Ease Pain

Everyone feels pain. From your back to your shoulders to your neck, you have felt the uncomfortable feeling of pain. But today on Dr. Oz, he is addressing those pain concerns and sharing the best safe and easy solutions to ease pain and increase your body’s mobility. Think of it as Dr. Oz’s pain clinic.

Dr Oz: Exercise to Relieve Back Pain & Herbal Pain Patches Review

Dr. Oz shared how to get rid of pain with a simple exercise, herbal pain patches for joint pain and elastic therapeutic tape to relieve neck pain.


Elastic Therapeutic Tape Eases Neck, Back Pain

Karena Wu, a physical therapist, said the two biggest complaints she hears from her patients always pertain to neck and back pain. She said both of these pains are caused mostly by bad posture but there are also other bad habits we have that can make the pain worse. Thankfully, she had an easy way to ease your pain without medications.

Elastic Therapeutic Tape: Wu said to apply elastic therapeutic tape to the areas feeling pain to get immediate relief. She said it is best to leave the tape on the same spot for two to three days to get the most benefit.

Exercise To Relieve Back Pain

Sports medicine expert Greg Roskopf said back pain normally comes from our muscles becoming weaker. As we get older, our muscles weaken causing many of us to lose strength, meaning the muscles can not support the spine as well as they used to. He continued by explaining our hamstring muscles often tighten as a way for the body to protect itself due to weaknesses in other areas of the body. This then leads to back pain. He demonstrated how to relieve back pain by exercising your hip flexor.


First, lay on the floor and raise one leg up as high as you can. Place your hands on your thigh of the leg raised in the air and apply a little bit of pressure for six seconds. Lower the leg and repeat six more times with both legs.

Herbal Pain Patches Ease Joint Pain

Acupuncturist Daniel Hsu told Dr. Oz the main causes of muscle and joint pain are inactivity, weight gain and mobile device use. Check out his medication-free solution to joint pain below.

Herbal Pain Patches: Hsu said herbal pain patches are the best non-medication way to treat pain. Make sure to look for herbal pain patches with the ingredients frankincense and myrrh.



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