Dr Oz: Excess Amounts of Copper, Zinc & Iron Can Cause Alzheimer’s


Dr Oz: How Can Alzheimer’s Be Prevented?

The cure to Alzheimer’s has yet to be found but one man says he can prevent Alzheimer’s from ever happening. Dr. Neal Barnard revealed to Dr. Oz that he has a three step plan that will help you protect your brain and live a longer, more productive life.

Dr Oz: Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Oz explained that new research has found three specific minerals in the brains of all people with Alzheimer’s and eating meat, fish and dairy could be putting you at greater risk for the disease. But Dr. Neal Barnard said there is a way to prevent Alzheimer’s, an approach some have been calling radical because of the absence of drugs. Dr. Barnard explained the answer lies entirely in your diet.

Dr Oz: Excess Amount Of Iron, Copper and Zinc Causes Alzheimer’s

Dr. Barnard explained to Dr. Oz why he thinks the cause of Alzheimer’s is because of metals, like iron, copper and zinc, the three metals found in the brains of all people with Alzheimer’s. While all three are essential to the body’s health, a excess amount of the metals can cause a problem and lead to Alzheimer’s.

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