Dr Oz: Eva Longoria Special Needs Sister & Hispanic Health Advocate


Dr Oz: Depression Set In For Eva Longoria After Divorce

Dr. Oz sat down with Eva Longoria April 26 2013 to talk about her recent divorce and the toll it took on her health.

She said while everyone in her life was telling her how good she looked and complimenting her on her appearance, she felt miserable inside. She was feeling down after her divorce, saying she had no energy and was living off coffee. She likes to think of herself as outwardly optimistic, which made it even harder to let herself admit she had become depressed. It was not until she saw a doctor that she found out from a blood test her body had been depleted of almost every type of vitamin. She said she saturated herself with vitamins to get back on track and feel healthy again.


Eva Longoria Learns Compassion From Special Needs Sister

Dr Oz: Eva Longoria Special Needs Sister & Hispanic Health Advocate

Eva Longoria stopped by Dr. Oz to open up about how her divorce sent her into depression and what growing up with a special needs sister taught her. (image credit: s_bukley, Shutterstock.com)

Eva Longoria opened up about something many people do not know about her. She has a 46-year-old sister with special needs. She told Dr. Oz her sister, Liza, was born premature and weighed only one pound but she managed to beat the odds and live longer than any doctor thought she would.

Growing up with a special needs sister taught Longoria to be a very selfless person because every decision the family made, from where they wanted to go to dinner to where they could vacation, depended on her sister.


Her sister also taught her compassion. She remembered a time when Liza had her letterman jacket stolen from her school and Longoria was so mad someone would do that, but Liza didn’t care. She figured someone had taken it because they were cold.

50 Percent Of Hispanic Children Will Become Obese Adults

Eva Longoria said growing up with her special needs sister exposed her to a great deal of health issues, which is why she is such an advocate for those who need medical attention the most. She has become an advocate for Hispanic children battling cancer because she believes if you do not have your health, then you have nothing.

Longoria continued by saying 75 percent of the cancer patients in Los Angeles are Hispanic because they are not diagnosed early enough due to the lack of medical care from a primary physician. Dr. Oz did a little research and found that 25 percent of all Hispanic people in the US do not receive regular medical care.

Below are a list of tests every Hispanic woman should have done:

Mammogram: Studies have shown Hispanic women get breast cancer earlier than most women and they often have no idea they need to do self examinations. Dr. Oz suggested all women get a mammogram at the age of 40 and continue annually starting at age 50.

Pap Smears: Eva Longoria said Hispanic women are twice as likely to get cervical cancer due to lack of medical care. Dr. Oz suggested all women between the ages of 21 and 65 get annual pap smear tests.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Screening: According to statistics, 50 percent of Hispanic children will grow up to be overweight or obese and become diabetics. These screenings can literally save lives.


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