Dr Oz Energy Drink Recipe & Amount of Sugar, Caffeine in Energy Drinks


Dr Oz: Emergency Room Visits Due to Energy Drinks on the Rise

If you asked someone what an energy drink was 10 years ago they might point you in the direction of the soda while looking at you funny for using the word “energy drink.” But nowadays, everyone is drinking energy drinks. Dr. Oz even had an entire show dedicated to energy drinks and which ones he would suggest drinking.

Although the drinks are great way to get a burst of energy, they can be harmful because of the amount of sugar. The sugar and caffeine in the drinks are continually increasing which has led to more emergency room visits due to energy drinks. Kids and young adults are the ones most affected by these drinks and they are the ones who end up in the ER most often.


Dr Oz: Energy Drinks Contain Ingredients Similar To Speed

Deborah Kennedy, author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! For Kids, is very concerned about the risks energy drinks pose for children. She said the number one concern she has is the amount of sugar in the drinks. While researching for her book last year she learned children are consuming their weight in sugar each year.

Kennedy told Dr. Oz she is also concerned about the amount of caffeine in energy drinks as well. She said the amount is often higher than what is shown on the label, meaning parents can not accurately gauge what they are giving their children to drink.

Dr Oz Energy Drink Recipe & Amount of Sugar, Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Dr. Oz found out energy drinks can be harmful to children, he learned the amount of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks and he had his own homemade energy drink recipe.


Her final concern is with the other ingredients in the drinks, such as ginseng which is a stimulant that has similar effects to speed.

Dr Oz: Energy Drink Equivalent To Three Cups Of Coffee

Dr. Oz had some surprising facts about popular energy drinks your children may be drinking. Did you know that in just one can the amount of caffeine is equivalent to three cups of coffee and the sugar content is equal to seven teaspoons? Dr. Oz this combination, as well as the large amount of sugar and caffeine, is something of great concern for him as a physician.

Dr Oz: Children Need An Electronic Curfew

Now that everyone knows energy drinks can be dangerous, Dr. Oz wanted to give some guidelines to help you regulate what stimulants your children are receiving each day. He said it is important every parent know what their children are eating and drinking, but it’s also important to regulate other stimuli in their environment.

Set an electronic curfew – Dr. Oz said this is an important rule to have with children. Kennedy explained that electronics are stimulants meaning it is important to set a curfew so your child’s brain has time to calm down before bed. She said it is best to stop using the electronic device an hour before bed time, or as Dr. Oz put it, at least nine hours before they wake up in the morning.

Dr Oz Energy Drink Recipe

Deborah Kennedy said a wonderful way to give your kids a natural energy boost is by making an energy drink at home.

Dr Oz Energy Drink Ingredients:

  • 1 cup baby kale
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • ½ cup vanilla Greek yogurt

Dr Oz Energy Drink Directions:

  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree thoroughly.


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