Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Smoothie + How Skinny Is Too Skinny?


Dr Oz: Sherri Shepherd Energy Boosting Smoothie

Dr. Oz welcomed three female doctors to his show to answer some of your health questions. He then welcomed out Sherri Shepherd, formerly of The View.

Sherri shared that she plays the evil stepmother in the Broadway show Cinderella, but said it’s eight shows a week and she didn’t realize how demanding, physically, it is. She said she’s tired all the time and wants to know how to get the energy she needs for eight shows a week. Dr. Oz said he created an energy smoothie that contains blueberries and blackberries for Sherri to drink.


Dr Oz: Co Q-10 & B Complex For Energy

Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Smoothie + How Skinny Is Too Skinny?

Dr. Oz sat down with three female doctors and Sherri Shepherd to talk about the perfect energizing smoothie recipe. (Sean Wandzilak / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Yael Varnado, a women’s health expert, explained that she’s a big fan of Co Q-10 cherry because it’s naturally occurring in our bodies and it delivers oxygen to our cells. She said it will help break down food into oxygen, which will help fight off cancer and give Sherri the energy boost that she’s looking for.

Dr. Evelyn Minaya, an OB/GYN, then said the magic potion is a B complex, but not just vitamin B, because a B complex has eight of the B vitamins that essential to give us good energy and help us break down food so that we have energy available.


Tiffanie Davis Henry, a therapist, explained that if it doesn’t taste good, she’s not going to want to drink it, so she would add ginger to the drink to give it a bright, vibrant flavor. Sherri then tried the smoothie and said it was very good.

Dr Oz: How Skinny Is Too Skinny?

One viewer then wrote in to Dr. Oz explaining that people are constantly being attacked for being overweight, while celebrities are being attacked for being too skinny. Her question was: how skinny is too skinny?

Dr. Oz explained that Kristen Cavallari recently received a lot of backlash after posting photos of herself looking very slim four months post-pregnancy. Bethenny Frankel also received negative remarks after posting pictures of her wearing her 4-year-old’s pajamas.

Sherri said that for women who just had a baby or who are pregnant, they’re supposed to all be complaining about how fat they are. “You’re supposed to look like you had a baby. You’re not supposed to be skinny, have a baby, and be skinny all over again,” Sherri said.

Dr Oz: Fat Vs Skinny Shaming

Dr. Oz asked the women if fat shaming was any worse or better than skinny shaming. Dr. Varnado said we’re judged every day for anything, so it’s wrong to judge people just because they’re skinny. She said she has a 5-week-old and she gained 60 pounds, and 25 “popped off” but she’s still working on the rest. But she definitely doesn’t think it’s fair to shame someone.

Tiffanie Davis Henry also just had a baby four weeks ago and said it’s already hard enough because women shame themselves. Dr. Oz shared a comment that Kristen made about her body: “I know it’s something that’s hard for a lot of women, but people who say I’m too thin don’t have my body or know what I’m eating.” Sherri said she thinks that women who do the skinny shaming don’t want to do the work that it would take to look like someone like Kristen Cavallari.

Dr Oz: Are Butt Implants Safe?

Another viewer wrote into Dr. Oz referring to the big butt trend, wondering if butt implants are safe. Dr. Oz showed what a butt implant looked like and Dr. Minaya said “what happened to doing squats?” But then she said that as long as you know your plastic surgeon and he or she is a board certified person, you should ask them how many they’ve done and how many times they experienced complications.

She said if you have a surgeon that tells you they’ve never had a complication, then they haven’t done it enough. Dr. Varnado said that before you consider surgery, there are other things you can do first like wearing underwear that show you how your butt would look a little enhanced. She said she’s not against getting butt implants as long as you go to the right person.

Dr. Minaya said you especially have to be careful with butt implants if you’re thin, and you should make sure you’re a good candidate, and if you are, make sure your body still looks in proportion.


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