Dr Oz: EMTs Help Diabetic During Night Shift + Quitting Smoking Benefits


Dr Oz: EMT Night Shift Ride Along

Dr. Oz shared that this season he had been riding along with emergency responders, and this time he went on a ride along for the night shift, and he was there when they got a call from a diabetic who’s blood sugar was skyrocketing. Dr. Oz said it was a common health hazard that many people can control. On the way to the woman, Dr. Oz was talking to the paramedic about what he thought was the hardest part of his job. He said, “Having to be a diplomat, a medical detective, pastor, psychologist, all these different aspects of trying to understand the person you’re working on, at the same time as you’re trying to take care of them.”

Dr Oz: EMTs Help Diabetic During Night Shift + Quitting Smoking Benefits

Dr. Oz went on a ride along with EMTs during the night shift and helped a diabetic woman who was suffering complications from smoking. (Karlosk / Shutterstock.com)


They rushed in and found the woman who explained that her sugar went up to 279 earlier, and before going to bed, after feeling crampy and nauseous, she checked it again and it was 379. She shared that she is a diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. As Dr. Oz was checking the woman out she said, “You look like Dr. Oz” and he said, “I get that a lot.”

Dr Oz: Diabetic Woman With Dangerously High Blood Sugar

She said her blood pressure has been going haywire and blamed it on stress. She said she’s been a diabetic for 7-8 years and it runs in her family. She also smokes, and upon hearing that Dr. Oz said, “It’s like the lottery for heart disease.”

Dr. Oz told her that her blood sugar number was toxically high and it needed to be treated with insulin. Dr. Oz wanted to talk to the woman about smoking and she shared that she does it to help her cope with stress. She shared that she has five grandkids, and Dr. Oz said that’s reason enough to take care of herself.


She shared that she gets pain in her ankles and feet, and Dr. Oz said that’s from the smoking. Dr. Oz pointed out that she didn’t have a lot of hair on her lower legs, and she said it’s because she shaves, but Dr. Oz explained that he thinks she doesn’t have hair growing because her lower legs aren’t getting a lot of blood. Dr. Oz said she had about a dozen reasons to quit smoking now, and reminded her of her grandkids.

Dr. Oz then explained that the woman is now trying to quit smoking and so far she’s cut down her number of cigarettes by half. He then explained why diabetes and smoking really shouldn’t mix. He said they worsen the levels of blood sugar.

Dr Oz: Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

In less than 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate comes back down toward normal levels. In just a month after quitting smoking, the cilia hairs in your lungs start to regrow to help filter out the bad stuff. Plus, after just one month, your brain begins to rewire so nicotine receptors can relax a bit, which means you get your health back.

Dr. Oz suggested drinking a cup of milk when you have the urge to smoke. He explained that milk worsens the flavor of cigarettes, making it less enjoyable to light up. You should also stay away from alcohol and coffee, which enhance the taste of cigarettes and serve as a trigger, reminding you to smoke.


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