Dr Oz: Emotional Desert Backpack Hike – Miraval Spa Review


Dr Oz: Dealing With Emotional Baggage

On today’s show, with the help of Motivational Speaker, Valorie Burton, Doctor Oz takes 50 women on a journey to help them get rid of their emotional baggage. The women leave the studio with 2 days worth of clothes and jump on a plane. They were headed to the Miraval Spa and Resort for a couple of days of relaxing team-building exercises to help them drop their baggage for good.

Dr Oz: Emotional Desert Backpack Hike - Miraval Spa Review

Dr Oz and the 50 women head to the Miraval Spa and Resort to help get rid of emotional baggage; an emotional desert backpack hike at Miraval Spa.


On the bus, Dr Oz asked them several questions like what they hoped to get out of the experience and how they felt about doing something like this. All of the women were excited to be there and realized that they were lucky to just be chosen to get help.

The next morning, at the spa, the women woke up early. Doctor Oz stated that he planned to challenge them emotionally as well as physically. He wanted to push them to help them see that their emotional baggage was actually hurting and not helping them. Dr Oz warned that they had to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

On the count of three, they all chanted a loud “Let’s Go!”


Miraval Spa and Resort Backpack Hike

Later in the morning, the women started on a backpack hike. During the hike, Dr Oz showed them the mountains and told them that’s what they were going to do, climb the emotional mountain. One hiker teared up because she was happy that she was finally getting the help she has always wanted. Dr Oz gave her a hug and they continued.

Valorie stated that the power of positive emotion can aid in restoring your health, which helps you deal with adversity. Tricia, one of the hikers, felt some anxiety because of life experiences that ended badly. (Moving away at a young age.)

Since losing her boyfriend in a tragic car accident, she expected the worst in everything. She was living her life in fear. She began to cry because it was much easier for her to put on the happy face and pretend everything was okay as opposed to facing her fear. She hurt so badly inside and didn’t know why. “I hate being this vulnerable,” she told Dr Oz.


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