Dr Oz: Emotional Baggage Removal with Valorie Burton


Dr Oz: Valorie Burton – Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage

Do you have emotional baggage that you would love to get rid of? Doctor Oz says your emotional baggage make be making you unhealthy. On today’s show, a special audience of 50 women joined Dr Oz in the studio to get rid of the baggage. This was the intervention of a lifetime and several lucky women were able to experience it.

Certified Personal Coach and Author, Valorie Burton, told the women that emotional baggage is when you currently respond negatively to things that have happened in the past. You need to listen to the signals that your emotions are sending to you. Recognize your emotion. Unfortunately, we focus too much on baggage and what’ s going wrong as opposed to what we want. Valorie suggested picturing your destination. See your vision and find out where you are headed.


Valorie Burton’s Baggage Removal Tips:

  • Picture destination
  • Recognize fear is not stop sign
  • Validate emotions
  • Repack bag

Tricia’s Story – Change & Tragedy

Dr Oz: Emotional Baggage Removal with Valorie Burton

Dr Oz takes 50 women on a journey to the Miraval Spa and Resort to help them get rid of their emotional baggage.

Tricia, one audience member, told Valorie that she associated change with tragedy and had a hard time accepting change. She wanted to learn how to accept change. In her bag, Tricia had a set of keys, which represented the house she moved from. At 17-years-old, she moved away and left her boyfriend behind. After her moving, he was killed in a car accident. For her, any change equaled bad. When change happened now, she would get physically ill and upset to her stomach.

Valorie says that when we picture our destination, fear always seems to pop up. We need to learn to understand that fear is not a stop sign. It’s okay to know that you will feel that fear, but keep moving on.


Stephanie’s Story – Drinking & Stress

Stephanie carried a wine bottle in her bag. Her fear was of failure. She felt like her mom had failed her family and she didn’t want to be her. She believed she was nothing like her mom, but people tell her she looked just like her. Stephanie did believe she was strong, confident, smart and motherly, however, when she was stressed, she headed straight for a bottle of wine because it was the only thing her mother DIDN’T drink. She didn’t like doing this but felt the wine eased her stress. She wanted a better outlet. She jokingly told Dr Oz that she wished she would use exercise as an outlet in place of the wine. (Don’t we all?)

Valorie stated that we focused on our baggage but needed to look at the destination. You also need to validate the emotions. Always remember that emotions are not bad. Recognize you’re going to feel these emotions and work through it.

Dr Oz stated that most believe that we are to let go of the baggage, but you can’t sometimes. You just have to accept it and heal from it. Your baggage is a scar that indicates you’ve been through something. Acknowledge and embrace it. It’s where your drive comes from. Make that drive positive instead of negative.

Pam’s Story – Smoking To Lose Weight

Pam carried cigarettes in her bag. She started smoking at a young age because she wanted to lose weight. She was one of 4 kids and the only one heavy. She went from diet after diet and had been battling her weight her whole life. She started smoking to replace eating and now she couldn’t stop. Her destination was to be happy and healthy with herself.

Dr Oz stated that Pam’s story was the perfect example of doing things we don’t want to do (smoking) but we are so driven by the baggage in our lives.

Jennifer’s Story – Emotional Eating

Jennifer carried around a loaf of bread in her bag. Growing up in her grandmother’s house, bread was the staple item for comfort. It was a sense of family belonging. For the past 5 years, she gained 50 lbs. When she felt stressed, she went straight for the bread. She wanted to have a normal, healthy relationship with food. When she has stress, she feels a pit in her stomach and her heart palpitates, but as soon as she takes a bite of bread, she feels soothed.

Dr Oz stated that food has a reinforcing sensation. Food bypasses the part of brain that helps you think and goes straight to the emotion. Jennifer’s emotions are textbook when it comes to food (pit in stomach, palpitations.) Her emotional baggage causes more harm to her health than she knows.

The 50 women packed 2 days worth of clothing. Dr Oz took them to Miraval Spa and Resort, a place to get them help. The women grabbed their luggage and headed out. This would be a trip they’d never forget.


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