Dr Oz: Eggs Load Limit Line & Grocery Stores Can Change Use By Dates?!


Dr. Oz: Supermarket Secrets

Did you ever think the supermarket may be trying to trick you in ways you never even thought. All seasoned shoppers know to check the use by dates, always grab the milk from the back of the case and always watch the green vegetables you can get in the produce section.

But did you know the water being used to wash the vegetables in the produce section could contain a variety of unhealthy bacteria being sprayed right onto your veggies? Or that your cart could have microscopic pieces of fecal matter on it? Gross


Dr. Oz: Colder Eggs – Load Limit Line

Dr. Oz enlisted the help food safety inspector, Roy Costa, to learn all the secrets the supermarket does not want you to know about.

Dr. Oz called an audience member on to the stage and asked her how she chose which eggs she wanted to buy from the supermarket. She told Dr. Oz she usually grabs some off the top and makes sure to check if they aren’t broken.

Dr Oz: Eggs Load Limit Line & Grocery Stores Can Change Use By Dates?!

Dr. Oz enlists the help of a health food inspector to show you a bunch of supermarket secrets dealing with ‘use-by’ dates, lighting and warm eggs.


Costa said she was doing alright. He said checking the eggs to see if they are broken is a good idea, but taking off the top isn’t. Costa, who has been in the business for 30 years, said you should always take eggs from the lower part of the cooler. He explained this is because eggs near the top may not be at the right temperature. He further explained the load limit line or dots along the case containing the eggs is like the ‘do not fill’ line. Anything past that line is not staying as cold as it needs to be, which is below 40 degrees.

Dr. Oz: Fresh Baked Bread?

Costa said another supermarket secret can be found when the baked good say ‘fresh baked’ it could mean they were baked that morning, frozen and night and reheated the next day. He said it is not against any health code violations, but if it had been done with meat it would have been a very severe violation. Costa also said sometimes the bread is frozen for up to a year. Guess it isn’t freshly baked.

Dr. Oz: Supermarket Lighting Tricks

Dr. Oz did a demonstration where a bunch of green food was under a green light, making the produce look fresher and more appetizing. When normal like was shown on the produce it looked old and not as green. This is a dirty supermarket trick, said Dr. Oz. And many do the same thing with meat, except the light is red.

Costa said this supermarket secret is a health code violation, but it is hard to accuse a grocery store of trying to deceive the public because a red meat sign might hang above the meat giving away its location. Does that mean the supermarket is trying to trick you or they just want you to know where the meat is?

Dr. Oz: Store Change The Use-By Date

The use by dates on the tops of products are a very good tool to tell the age, said Costa, and they can not be changed. But if a supermarket puts its own ‘use-by’ date on a product, they can switch the date anytime they want. And the only way to find out, is to ask. Good luck with that.


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