Dr Oz: Eat Healthy to Lower RealAge & Sunburns Cause Body to Age Quick


Dr Oz: RealAge Results

Dr. Oz went over the RealAge Test, a test that calculates how old your body really feels opposed to your calendar age. He and his guests went over some of the questions on the RealAge Test and they went over the results of the test. Click the link to the left to figure out which type of ager you are depending on your lifestyle and unhealthy habits.

Dr Oz: Flexible Body = Flexible Blood Vessels = Healthy Blood Pressure

Denver residents know how to stay healthy. All the biking, running, hiking and other outdoor activities they do have kept them on top of the list for one of the healthiest cities in America. These residents may also be very flexible too.


Dr. Oz said there is a correlation between being flexible and having flexible blood vessels, which results in a healthy blood pressure. He talked with one woman in the audience who said she likes to do hot yoga to improve her flexibility and overall health. It must have worked too. When she took the test she found her RealAge to be 38 when she is actually 41, proving that small changes can make a big difference.

Dr Oz: Eat Healthy to Lower RealAge & Sunburns Cause Body to Age Quick

Dr. Oz went over some tips for lowering your RealAge, like putting on sunscreen every morning to protect against sunburn and eating the right foods.

Dr Oz: Stop Smoking To Reverse Effects Of Smoking

Dr. Mike Roizen said it only takes changing one bad habit to lower your RealAge. If you are a Bad Habit Super Ager, such as someone who smokes, drinks a lot or does not wear sunscreen often, then try to focus on one of those bad habits to change.


Dr. Oz tried to help one woman stop smoking by giving her some purple gloves and showing her what a smoker’s lung looks like. The all black, tar covered lung looked pretty gross and I think the woman got the message that she needs to put down the smokes. And if she does it today, she could be feeling better in a matter of weeks.

Dr. Roizen said the lungs are quite resilient. By stopping smoking today, you can expect your lungs to make a 100 percent recovery within a relatively short amount of time. He said this is especially true for someone who quits young.

Dr Oz: Alcoholic Drinks Can Be Beneficial To Health

Dr. Michael Roizen said there are some benefits to drinking alcohol if you drink a healthy amount instead of binging on the weekends. He said there is no way to save up your drinks throughout the week so you can drink a lot during the weekend. It will have a negative effect on your body if you drink heavily only once a week. Try drinking the amounts below a few times a week.

  • Women: ½ – 1 drink per day
  • Men: 1-2 drinks per day

Dr Oz: Sunburn Causes Body To Age Faster

Dr. Mike Roizen said the sun can be good for you in small amounts because it boosts your vitamin D and your immune system, but every time you get a bad sunburn, your body is aging even quicker. The only way to stop from getting a sunburn while being out in the sun is to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Just think, simply putting on sunscreen in the morning can help prevent cancer and it can make you age more slowly.

Dr Oz: Foods That Lower RealAge Number In Three Months

Dr. Oz believes the best way to slow down the aging process and improve your health is by eating healthy. Dr. Roach already explained how red meats and highly processed foods contain unhealthy saturated fats which damage the blood vessels. By changing your diet you can avoid all those things, lower inflammation, lower risk of disease and lower your RealAge.

Try eating some of the food below:

  • Nine servings of fruits & vegetables, plus nuts, per day (lose 6.4 years)
  • Whole grains (lose 2.6 years)

Dr. Keith Roach said you will see a reduction in your RealAge number within only three months.


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