Dr. Oz: Is the E-Patch Right for You? Estrogen Therapy For Menopause


Dr. Oz: E-Patch

Dr. Oz investigated the E-Patch, a patch that women can wear to boost estrogen and transform their mood and energy. For years, doctors prescribed hormone replacement therapy to treat the major symptoms of Menopause: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

Then there were studies that showed that women taking estrogen were more likely to get heart disease, strokes, and breast cancer. After more than a decade of studies, doctors are now recommending estrogen again, especially for women not yet in menopause. That’s because new evidence shows low doses of estrogen can not only control hot flashes, but improve mood and reignite energy.


Dr. Oz: Is the E-Patch Right for You? Estrogen Therapy For Menopause

Dr. Oz investigated the E-Patch and talked to the experts about estrogen therapy, breast cancer risk, and gave all the information you need to determine if it’s right for you. (Image Point Fr / Shutterstock.com)

Doctors believe the E-Patch could help tired women of all ages.

Dr. Oz: What Is Estrogen?

Dr. Oz gave a quick lesson on what Estrogen is. We all know it’s the major female hormone, but where is it made? A lot of it is made in the pelvis, but it’s also made in the adrenal glands and in fat tissues. Estrogen circulates in the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. It’s responsible for menstrual cycle, producing collagen in the skin, and developing strong bones. Estrogen also affects the feel-good chemicals in the brain.


Dr. Oz: Is the E-Patch Right For You?

So the question is, is the E-Patch right for you? Gynecologist Dr. Tara Allmen came by the show to talk about this issue. She said that women know if they’re low in estrogen by skipping or stopping periods. She said if that happens, women should go to a gynecologist who specializes mid-life women’s health.

Dr. Allmen said that many symptomatic menopausal women are scared of the E-Patch because they’re afraid of breast cancer. She said that the risks for breast cancer for the E-Patch are so low and the benefits are so great for someone in that position that they should push away their breast cancer fears and find an expert that can help them.

She also said that they only provide a small amount of estrogen. Symptomatic women just need a little bit of estrogen to get through to their brain. Dr. Allmen said the E-Patch is very simple to use and it works rapidly. You just take it once or twice a week. Dr. Allmen said that she herself is a candidate for the E-Patch because she’s turning 50 and she’s joining the 60 million women who are symptomatic.

Dr. Oz: E-Patch Review & Personal Testimonial

Dr. Oz talked to Julie, one of his viewers who is currently on the E-Patch and she said it’s really helped her to be herself again. She said she had all the symptoms. She had the night sweats, the hot flashes, and the mood swings. She also had terrible anxiety and migraines. Her brain wasn’t even functioning properly. She had trouble remembering her number at the bank, She said within a few weeks of using the E-Patch, all of her symptoms calmed down.



  1. Gail Moor says

    I watched your show today, I need to know more about the E-Patch. I asked my pharmacist about this, they didn’t know anything !! I am on hormone replacement, much larger patch. I want to try the E-Patch. Can you help me find more information about this. I like it because it is much smaller. Please.!!! 207-947-9190

  2. bjean says

    There is nothing on internet except Dr Oz reference and my pharmacy has not heard of the E-Patch. Doesn’t Dr Oz show check out availability or credentials of doctors on show? The segment also didn’t mention side effects? I really question Dr Oz especially after talking before congress, a lot of his segments are hokey and it appears they don’t do their homework. I was hoping for that magic patch which they promoted, I am disappointed and will be weary of sny more of Dr Oz advice. I’m sure it’s all about ratings and money for him anymore.

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